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Dyes are objects in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

Dyes are used by Sayge in the Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno Village to change the color of Link's Armor.[2] If Link pays Sayge 20 Rupees and selects five Material of the same color, Sayge will Dye Link's current Armor in that color.

List of Dyes and Dye Materials
Dye Materials
BotW Blue Dye Icon.png
Blue Dye
BotW Chillshroom Icon.png Chillshroom
BotW Blue Nightshade Icon.png Blue Nightshade
BotW Winterwing Butterfly Icon.png Winterwing Butterfly
BotW Cold Darner Icon.png Cold Darner
BotW Hearty Lizard Icon.png Hearty Lizard
BotW Sapphire Icon.png Sapphire
BotW Icy Lizalfos Tail Icon.png Icy Lizalfos Tail
BotW Ice Keese Wing Icon.png Ice Keese Wing
BotW Red Dye Icon.png
Red Dye
BotW Apple Icon.png Apple
BotW Spicy Pepper Icon.png Spicy Pepper
BotW Hylian Shroom Icon.png Hylian Shroom
BotW Sunshroom Icon.png Sunshroom
BotW Summerwing Butterfly Icon.png Summerwing Butterfly
BotW Warm Darner Icon.png Warm Darner
BotW Ruby Icon.png Ruby
BotW Red Lizalfos Tail Icon.png Red Lizalfos Tail
BotW Red Chuchu Jelly Icon.png Red Chuchu Jelly
BotW Fire Keese Wing Icon.png Fire Keese Wing
BotW Yellow Dye Icon.png
Yellow Dye
BotW Mighty Bananas Icon.png Mighty Bananas
BotW Zapshroom Icon.png Zapshroom
BotW Bird Egg Icon.png Bird Egg
BotW Thunderwing Butterfly Icon.png Thunderwing Butterfly
BotW Electric Darner Icon.png Electric Darner
BotW Energetic Rhino Beetle Icon.png Energetic Rhino Beetle
BotW Topaz Icon.png Topaz
BotW Yellow Lizalfos Tail Icon.png Yellow Lizalfos Tail
BotW Yellow Chuchu Jelly Icon.png Yellow Chuchu Jelly
BotW Electric Keese Wing Icon.png Electric Keese Wing
BotW Octorok Eyeball Icon.png Octorok Eyeball
BotW Hinox Guts Icon.png Hinox Guts
BotW White Dye Icon.png
White Dye
BotW Silent Princess Icon.png Silent Princess
BotW Hylian Rice Icon.png Hylian Rice
BotW Fresh Milk Icon.png Fresh Milk
BotW Star Fragment Icon.png Star Fragment
BotW Diamond Icon.png Diamond
BotW Lynel Horn Icon.png Lynel Horn
BotW White Chuchu Jelly Icon.png White Chuchu Jelly
BotW Black Dye Icon.png
Black Dye
BotW Big Hearty Truffle Icon.png Big Hearty Truffle
BotW Hearty Truffle Icon.png Hearty Truffle
BotW Flint Icon.png Flint
BotW Lynel Hoof Icon.png Lynel Hoof
BotW Purple Dye Icon.png
Purple Dye
BotW Rushroom Icon.png Rushroom
BotW Swift Violet Icon.png Swift Violet
BotW Armoranth Icon.png Armoranth
BotW Monster Extract Icon.png Monster Extract
BotW Sunset Firefly Icon.png Sunset Firefly
BotW Bokoblin Guts Icon.png Bokoblin Guts
BotW Octo Balloon Icon.png Octo Balloon
BotW Green Dye Icon.png
Green Dye
BotW Hydromelon Icon.png Hydromelon
BotW Fleet-Lotus Seeds Icon.png Fleet-Lotus Seeds
BotW Stamella Shroom Icon.png Stamella Shroom
BotW Hyrule Herb Icon.png Hyrule Herb
BotW Cane Sugar Icon.png Cane Sugar
BotW Restless Cricket Icon.png Restless Cricket
BotW Rugged Rhino Beetle Icon.png Rugged Rhino Beetle
BotW Hot-Footed Frog Icon.png Hot-Footed Frog
BotW Lizalfos Tail Icon.png Lizalfos Tail
BotW Molduga Guts Icon.png Molduga Guts
BotW Light Blue Dye Icon.png
Light Blue Dye
BotW Silent Shroom Icon.png Silent Shroom
BotW Cool Safflina Icon.png Cool Safflina
BotW Naydra's Scale Icon.png Naydra's Scale
BotW Naydra's Claw Icon.png Naydra's Claw
BotW Shard of Naydra's Fang Icon.png Shard of Naydra's Fang
BotW Shard of Naydra's Horn Icon.png Shard of Naydra's Horn
BotW Moblin Guts Icon.png Moblin Guts
BotW Chuchu Jelly Icon.png Chuchu Jelly
BotW Octorok Tentacle Icon.png Octorok Tentacle
BotW Navy Dye Icon.png
Navy Dye
BotW Bladed Rhino Beetle Icon.png Bladed Rhino Beetle
BotW Luminous Stone Icon.png Luminous Stone
BotW Orange Dye Icon.png
Orange Dye
BotW Voltfruit Icon.png Voltfruit
BotW Endura Shroom Icon.png Endura Shroom
BotW Swift Carrot Icon.png Swift Carrot
BotW Fortified Pumpkin Icon.png Fortified Pumpkin
BotW Warm Safflina Icon.png Warm Safflina
BotW Mighty Thistle Icon.png Mighty Thistle
BotW Courser Bee Honey Icon.png Courser Bee Honey
BotW Amber Icon.png Amber
BotW Keese Eyeball Icon.png Keese Eyeball
BotW Peach Dye Icon.png
Peach Dye
BotW Wildberry Icon.png Wildberry
BotW Big Hearty Radish Icon.png Big Hearty Radish
BotW Hearty Radish Icon.png Hearty Radish
BotW Rock Salt Icon.png Rock Salt
BotW Crimson Dye Icon.png
Crimson Dye
BotW Razorshroom Icon.png Razorshroom
BotW Chickaloo Tree Nut Icon.png Chickaloo Tree Nut
BotW Goron Spice Icon.png Goron Spice
BotW Dinraal's Scale Icon.png Dinraal's Scale
BotW Dinraal's Claw Icon.png Dinraal's Claw
BotW Shard of Dinraal's Fang Icon.png Shard of Dinraal's Fang
BotW Shard of Dinraal's Horn Icon.png Shard of Dinraal's Horn
BotW Tireless Frog Icon.png Tireless Frog
BotW Lynel Guts Icon.png Lynel Guts
BotW Light Yellow Dye Icon.png
Light Yellow Dye
BotW Hearty Durian Icon.png Hearty Durian
BotW Palm Fruit Icon.png Palm Fruit
BotW Endura Carrot Icon.png Endura Carrot
BotW Electric Safflina Icon.png Electric Safflina
BotW Tabantha Wheat Icon.png Tabantha Wheat
BotW Goat Butter Icon.png Goat Butter
BotW Farosh's Scale Icon.png Farosh's Scale
BotW Farosh's Claw Icon.png Farosh's Claw
BotW Shard of Farosh's Fang Icon.png Shard of Farosh's Fang
BotW Shard of Farosh's Horn Icon.png Shard of Farosh's Horn
BotW Opal Icon.png Opal
BotW Bokoblin Fang Icon.png Bokoblin Fang
BotW Brown Dye Icon.png
Brown Dye
BotW Ironshroom Icon.png Ironshroom
BotW Acorn Icon.png Acorn
BotW Hightail Lizard Icon.png Hightail Lizard
BotW Molduga Fin Icon.png Molduga Fin
BotW Hinox Toenail Icon.png Hinox Toenail
BotW Hinox Tooth Icon.png Hinox Tooth
BotW Gray Dye Icon.png
Gray Dye
BotW Smotherwing Butterfly Icon.png Smotherwing Butterfly
BotW Fireproof Lizard Icon.png Fireproof Lizard
BotW Bokoblin Horn Icon.png Bokoblin Horn
BotW Moblin Horn Icon.png Moblin Horn
BotW Moblin Fang Icon.png Moblin Fang
BotW Lizalfos Horn Icon.png Lizalfos Horn
BotW Lizalfos Talon Icon.png Lizalfos Talon
BotW Keese Wing Icon.png Keese Wing
BotW Ancient Screw Icon.png Ancient Screw
BotW Ancient Spring Icon.png Ancient Spring
BotW Ancient Gear Icon.png Ancient Gear
BotW Ancient Shaft Icon.png Ancient Shaft
BotW Ancient Core Icon.png Ancient Core
BotW Giant Ancient Core Icon.png Giant Ancient Core


  • The recipe for Red Dye made an accidental appearance in the novel A Traveler at the Gates of Wisdom by John Boyne due to the top Google search result for dyeing red clothes linking to the Breath of the Wild recipe.[3]



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