Dunma is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a female Zora Knight who is the daughter of Rivan and granddaughter of Zora Elder Trello.


Dunma is a female Zora who works as a Zora Knight alongside her father in Zora's Domain. According to Dunma herself, she is less than 100 year old when Link asks her (she does not specify her actually age as she considers it rude to ask a lady her age) indicating she was born sometime during the Age of Burning Fields as she has no memory of Link and her father was apparently was still young for a Zora during the Great Calamity. However she has apparently reached maturity as she appears to be a adolescent and is apparently old enough to join the Knights. Though she works alongside her father she is quick to remind him of his duty when he becomes distracted from his job after meeting his old friend Link, indicating that she takes their job more seriously.

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