Unofficial Name

"Ahh! You came! Let me see... What was it that I wanted you to do next...? Hey! What's that?! That's a strange-looking instrument you have there... Oh yes! You might just be surprised to hear that Kina is actually quite the singer! It wasn't that long ago that she would sing for our customers! But she had to stop because her partner quit. Think you'd be willing to do a quick duet with Kina?"

The Duet with Kina is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. After Link obtains the Goddess's Harp, Pumm will request that Link accompanies Kina while she sings for the guests. In order to accomplish the task, Link has to strum his harp with the swaying of one of the customer's arms. After successfully accompanying Kina during her performance, Pumm will inform Link that he does not have to work for him anymore, and rewards the hero with a Piece of Heart. Like the previous task, Link can come back at night and play the harp along with Kina again any time to receive Rupees depending on how well he performs.

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