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Dueling Peaks Stable
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The Dueling Peaks Stable is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

The Dueling Peaks Stable is a Stable located in West Necluda, situated beside the road running north from the Big Twin Bridge, east of the Dueling Peaks. The Ha Dahamar Shrine is in a shallow pool of water between the Stable and the Dueling Peaks, providing a convenient Travel Gate to the Stable when activated. Link can find Wooden Boxes surrounding the Stable that contain Apples and Arrows. A Cooking Pot can be found outside of the Stable. The Dueling Peaks Stable's uniqueness comes from the fact that most of the inhabitants are twins, including the workers.[2] The Stable is run by Tasseren, who mans both its Horse services and lodging. The children Shibo and Darton can be found in front of the stabled Horses during the day, and will give Link tips about catching and training Horses.[3] As with all other Stables, Beedle can occasionally be found here selling his wares. Hylian travelers Agus, Brokka, Bugut, Joute, Toma, and Mezer can be seen traveling to and from the Dueling Peaks Stable. Brokka will occasionally stop at the Stable at night.

Hino can be found near the Stable's entrance, studying the mystery of the Blood Moon.[4] Sagessa can be seen sitting next to the Cooking Pot, talking about Elixirs,[5] or standing across from Ha Dahamar Shrine, remarking on the Ancient Shrine's new glowing feature.[6] While running back to the Stable for shelter when it Rains, she will warn Link of the dangers of metal objects.[7]

Link can receive the Side Quest "Misko, the Great Bandit" by talking to Domidak while he converses with Prissen inside the Stable. The Side Quest "Wild Horses" can be gained by talking to Rensa, who is next to Tasseren at the front of the Stable. Rensa will also give Link information about the Wild Horses nearby, and directions to Kakariko Village and Hateno Village.[8][9][10]

By befriending the Hylian Retriever behind the Stable, Link can be led to a metal Treasure Chest containing a Silver Rupee embedded in the ground beneath the Tree northeast of the Stable.

A Korok can be found hiding as Leaves with Fairy Dust at the very top of the Stable.





TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapanese双子馬宿 (Futago Umayado)Twin Stable
Latin AmericaSpanishLARancho de Picos Gemelos[11]Twin Peaks Ranch
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