"It's too gross to even look at. A bizarre smell issues forth from this heap. Eating it won't hurt you though... probably."
— In-game description

A Dubious Food is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a basic dish cooked from one or several ingredients, with the food being obscured by pixelization due to it being "too gross to even look at". It is a curative item that restore Link's health by refilling an amount of Heart Containers depending on the ingredients used.

It is one of two dishes that result from using incompatible ingredients along with Rock-Hard Food. In early beta builds and demos of Breath of the Wild there was a third failed dish called Failed Experiment, but it does not appear in the final version and cannot be made as it will usually result in Dubious Food or Rock-Hard Food.

Cooking animation

When cooking something into this food, instead of the normal puff animation, it will give a not-so appealing puff animation made out of what seems to be smoke and the sound of breaking glass can be heard indicating failure. Link will also look visibly disgusted if he consumes it, though eating it will not hurt him.

Mentions and recipes

Several characters mention Dubious Food, with some considering it to be inedible and it is viewed as a sign of poor cooking skills. However, near the Ishto Soh Shrine, Link encounters Moza, a female Hylian chef who apparently specializes in making failed food dishes. She will teach Link recipes that increase the number of hearts of failed dishes by using certain incompatible ingredients, and has even named her recipes despite the end results always being either Dubious or Rock-Hard Food.

Her recipes for Dubious Food include the Ancient meat dish which involves cooking either Raw Meat or Raw Bird Drumstick with Guardian parts, and the Ultimate survival dish which involves using meat with monster parts. Both recipes restore three Heart Containers. Using rare ore or wood usually results in Rock-Hard Food.


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