"It seems the face of the slightly larger, strange stone changes when the drums of sleep are played..."
Gossip Stone

The Drums of Sleep are instruments from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They serve as the manifestation of the Ocarina of Time that Link uses when in Goron form. The Drums consist of five djembe-like drums all connected and slung around Link's body, in a configuration somewhat similar to that of marching tenor drums.


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When Link hears of the Goron Elder's Son crying in the Goron Shrine, he heads back towards Mountain Village and discovers the Goron Elder hidden beneath a snowball. After repeatedly talking to the Elder, he teaches Link, who he assumes to be Darmani, the Lullaby Intro. Link returns to the Goron Village and plays the Lullaby Intro to the Goron Elder's Son, who teaches Link the rest of the lullaby and falls asleep, along with the rest of the nearby Gorons. Using the Drums of Sleep, Link is then able to gain access to Snowhead Temple by putting it's guardian, Biggoron, to sleep using the Goron's Lullaby.

The Drums of Sleep are also needed to play a part of the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" in the Milk Bar, in order to obtain the Circus Leader's Mask. The drums are also one of the instruments that can also be used to affect certain Gossip Stones in Hidden Holes scattered throughout Termina Field in order to obtain a Piece of Heart.

It is believed that Darmani himself played the Drums of Sleep before he passed away, since when Link takes the form of Mikau, the Ocarina of Time takes the form of a guitar he played in life.

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