"Hey hey, bro! About the Dream Shrine there... They say there's something good inside... ... I better not say anything else as I'm just a kid!"

The Dream Shrine is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Located in northern Mabe Village, it is a mysterious shrine whose entrance is blocked by boulders that can only be picked up after Link has obtained the Power Bracelet.

Inside the Dream Shrine is a small chamber with a bed and four torches surrounding it. If Link sleeps in the bed, he is transported to a large room filled with Arm Mimics and multiple holes in the floor. There are two Treasure Chests on two raised platforms; one containing 100 Rupees and the other, the Ocarina. However, to access the chest containing the Ocarina, Link must break the obstacle in his path with the Pegasus Boots.

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