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Dragon Roost Pond
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Dragon Roost Pond is a location in The Wind Waker.[1]

Features and Overview

Dragon Roost Pond is a body of water that separates the Mail Center from Dragon Roost Cavern on Dragon Roost Island. According to Bisht, who can be found atop the balcony above the Pond, Dragon Roost Pond was once beautiful, but it quickly dried up after a Huge Rock fell down onto the source of the Pond after Valoo began rampaging atop Dragon Roost.[2] By the time Link arrives at Dragon Roost Island, the Pond has shrank to a fraction of its size, just barely spilling out from beneath the Huge Rock. Due to the irregular currents of Wind and lack of water, the bridge spanning the Pond broke and the Bomb Flowers growing along the side of the Pond have also shriveled and sit unusable.[3][4][2]

Upon seeing Link, Medli requests for him to meet her at the Pond after he has delivered the Father's Letter to Komali.[5] There, she asks for his help in getting her to the top of the ledge so that she may enter Dragon Roost Cavern and make her way to Valoo to find the source of his outrage.[6][7][8] As the atmosphere is unstable, she can only be aided by being thrown from the top of a small ramp at the bottom of the Pond while the Wind is blowing to the north.[9][10] If Link conducts the "Wind's Requiem" and manually sets the direction of the Wind north, the atmosphere will stabilize, allowing him to throw Medli with ease.[note 1]

After Link successfully throws Medli to the ledge nearest Dragon Roost Cavern, she will thank him and give him an Empty Bottle in return.[14][15] Before leaving to visit Valoo, she asks that Link keep her mission a secret.[16] By filling the Empty Bottle with Water from the Pond or from the Great Sea, Link can rejuvenate the Bomb Flowers along the bank of the Pond. By placing a Bomb Flower near the Huge Rock that's blocking the Pond's water from filling its basin, Link can destroy it and refill the Pond. This allows Link to swim across and climb the remains of the bridge like a ladder to advance towards the Dragon Roost Cavern. The pathway beyond the Dragon Roost Pond features three more Bomb Flowers and two Rito statues bearing urns over a pool of Lava. Tossing Bomb Flowers into these urns causes the statues to fall forward into the Lava, creating a makeshift bridge that Link can use to enter the Cavern.


  • Even after Link has filled the Dragon Roost Pond's basin with water and revived the Bomb Flowers, Basht and Bisht will continue to state that the Pond is dried up and that the Bomb Flowers remain withered.

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  1. Failing to throw Medli to the ledge will result in her colliding with a wall and becoming temporarily dazed.[11][12][13]


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