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Dragons are the Bosses of all four Dungeons in Zelda (Game & Watch).[1]


Zelda (Game & Watch) Manual Description
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The boss of each of the labyrinth worlds. He spits fire while attacking with his tail.

The eight fierce dragons have always been known for wreaking havoc.[2] They cannot live in peace with humans, and have decided to fight against them to rule the world.[3] They have kidnapped Princess Zelda[4] and locked her in a prison that can only be opened with the Triforce.[5] The dragons split it into eight pieces, and each holds one piece.[6] Link set out to save Princess Zelda, and destroyed all eight dragons, reformed the Triforce, and released Zelda from her prison.[7]


Dragon GW

Link must dodge the Dragon's fireballs and tail by moving between the two possible positions. Using the Tomahawk, which is automatically equipped if Link has one, allows Link to inflict three times the damage of a Sword. The fireballs will come down both positions at the same speed, but they are never sent at the exact same time and Link must use this to his advantage to dodge them.


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