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This article is about Dragons as a species. For other uses, see Dragon (Disambiguation).

Dragons are a recurring species in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] The design of the species vary between European Dragons and Asian Dragons.


The Legend of Zelda[]

Both Aquamentus and Gleeok serve as bosses.

The Adventure of Link[]

Barba, also known as Volvagia (not to be confused with the boss character from Ocarina of Time) was the boss of Three-Eye Rock Palace, and acted as a guardian of the statue within it.

Ocarina of Time[]

Volvagia is the boss of the Fire Temple. It appears as a serpentine lava dragon that dives in and out of lava.

Oracle of Seasons[]

Aquamentus returns as a boss.

The Wind Waker[]

Valoo is a supporting character who appears on the top of Dragon Roost Island. In the game's events, he is unable to grant the Rito their ability to grow wings due to being hurt by Gohma and Link must defeat the giant scorpion. Later in the game, Valoo aids Link and Tetra in escaping Ganondorf.

The Minish Cap[]

Gleerok is a lava dragon that is the second dungeon's boss in the game.

Twilight Princess[]

Argorok is the boss in the City in the Sky. Argorok appears as a red-orange wyvern covered in black armor.

Skyward Sword[]

Eldin, Faron, and Lanayru are protectors of The Surface and each teach Link part of the Song of the Hero.

Breath of the Wild[]

The three dragons in Breath of the Wild are invincible and appear in various places on the map. While not intending to harm Link, their bodies do shed orbs of their element which can harm him. They can be harvested for their horns, scales, claws, and teeth for armor upgrades. Dinraal has the power of fire and frequents Tanagar Canyon and northern Eldin. Farosh has the power of electricity and frequents Gerudo Highlands and Lake Floria. Naydra has the power of ice and frequents Mount Lanayru and Lanayru Road. Naydra initially appears at the summit of Mount Lanayru infected as Malice Naydra and must be freed from the Malice before it can appear regularly.

The Zonai are thought to have worshiped a water dragon.[2] Many dragon statues decorate Zonai ruins, which were used by them to represent the courage aspect of the Triforce.[3]

Tears of the Kingdom[]

Immortal Dragons[]

In addition to the three immortal dragons seen in Breath of the Wild,[4] a fourth immortal dragon called the Light Dragon now appears flying across the whole of Hyrule's surface. In addition to harvesting their horns, scales, claws, and teeth, Link can now climb onto their backs for shard spikes. Mortals are also capable of becoming dragons themselves in a process known as draconification, which specifically entailed eating a Secret Stone beforehand, which came at the cost of losing their original identities, or at the very least reducing them.

The Light Dragon is later revealed to be Princess Zelda herself, having undergone the process of draconification to ensure that the Master Sword could be restored and eventually reach Link. Ganondorf draconifies himself as well in the final battle in a last ditch attempt at killing Link and spreading an endless night throughout Hyrule, where he is fought as the Demon Dragon. Zelda as the Light Dragon also aids Link during the final battle against the Demon Dragon, and is eventually restored to her original form by the ghosts of King Rauru and Queen Sonia. It is likewise heavily implied the three immortal dragons in both games were a product of draconification.

Enemy Dragons[]

Gleeoks appear as dragons in the game. Across Hyrule, there are Flame Gleeoks, Thunder Gleeoks, Frost Gleeoks, and King Gleeoks.


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