The Dracozu Lake is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a lake located in the region of Faron south of Popla Foothills and east of Farosh Hills. Dracozu River flows from it. The lake itself is shaped like a serpent's jaws.

Side Quests

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Shine Quest

Dracozu Lake is the solution to the Kass' The Serpent's Jaws legend as it is a reference to the lake's shape which leads Link to the lake and the Spring of Courage it contains. The lake is guarded by Lizalfos archers wielding Shock Arrows while a Black Moblin guards the spring itself.

The Right Hand of the Dragon

According to Misko's EX Journal 2, the travelling merchant's hood stolen from Hyrule Castle by Misko during the Great Calamity can be found "in the right hand of the dragon that consumes the Spring of Courage at Dracozu Lake." which refers to the ruins of the stone Dragon that houses the spring. During EX Treasure: Merchant Hood "The Champions' Ballad" DLC side quest, an EX Treasure Chest containing the hood can be found buried under one the claws on the stone Dragon's right hand. Link requires the Magnesis Rune to unearth it.

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