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The Drablands are a location in Tri Force Heroes.[1] It is the world that the game's Levels take place in.

Features and Overview

The Drablands are described as a world filled with dangerous enemies and obstacles.[2] It features many lands of various regions, including woodlands, ice caverns, and deserts, among many others. It is the domain of Lady Maud, also known as the Drablands witch.[3] The Drablands can only be entered through the Triforce Gateway in Hytopia Castle, and only a trio of chosen heroes may venture through it.[3][4]

After The Lady curses Princess Styla to wear an ugly irremovable outfit, King Tuft searches for chosen heroes, as only a trio of such can enter the Drablands. If Link is without allies, the Doppel Master will awaken two Doppels in his image to accompany him into the lands.


See Coliseum for the identically named Coliseum levels.

The Drablands are divided into nine regions called Areas. Each of the first eight Areas has four Levels, which are each divided into five sections called Stages.

Area Unlock Condition Description Levels Items Introduced Mini-Boss(es) Boss(es)
TFH Woodlands Artwork.png
1. Woodlands
Unlocked by default The Woodlands consist of grassy, forested areas with rivers, earthy caves and ancient ruins, inhabited by Moblins, Buzz Blobs and Totem Dekus. Its basic mechanisms such as Floor Switches and Shock Switches teach the fundamentals of Toteming and teamwork among the Links. Deku Forest
Buzz Blob Cave
Moblin Base
Forest Temple
TFH Bow Icon.png Bow
TFH Bomb Icon.png Bombs
TFH Electric Blob King Model.png
Electric Blob King
TFH Margoma Model.png
TFH Riverside Artwork.png
2. Riverside
Clear the Forest Temple The reservoir of the Drablands, featuring cliff sides, pathways, and mechanical lifts leading through Tektite- and Octorok-infested bodies of water. Rushing waterfalls create strong currents that guard a flooded temple. Secret Fortress
Abyss of Agony
Cove of Transition
Water Temple
TFH Water Rod Icon.png Water Rod
TFH Gripshot Icon.png Gripshot
TFH Electric Blob Queen Model.png
Electric Blob Queen
TFH Arrghus Model.png
TFH Volcano Artwork.png
3. Volcano
Clear the Forest Temple The Volcano is explored from the inside, where hostile caves contain Fire geysers, pools of Lava, and packs of Hinox. The more spacious areas are traversed by rickety mine carts and hanging platforms. Blazing Trail
Hinox Mine
Den of Flames
Fire Temple
TFH Boomerang Icon.png Boomerang
TFH Gust Jar Icon.png Gust Jar
TFH Hinox Brothers Minecar Models.png
Hinox Brothers
TFH Moldorm Model.png
TFH Ice Cavern Artwork.png
4. Ice Cavern
Clear the Forest Temple The Ice Cavern is an open-air, mountainous region filled with slippery surfaces, thin sheets of Ice suspended over large pits, and Enemies that can freeze the Links in their tracks. Rolling Boulders and gigantic Snowballs are a constant danger and obstacle. Frozen Plateau
Snowball Ravine
Silver Shrine
Ice Temple
TFH Fire Gloves Icon.png Fire Gloves
TFH Magic Hammer Icon.png Magic Hammer
TFH Freezlord Model.png
TFH Blizzagia Model.png
TFH Fortress Artwork.png
5. Fortress
Clear the Water Temple, Fire Temple and Ice Temple The massive Fortress is heavily guarded by Lady Maud's Soldiers. The Links enter at its base and proceed to scale it upwards toward Lady Maud's parlour, meeting with a variety of complex, mechanical obstacles along the way. Sealed Gateway
Bomb Storage
Training Ground
The Lady's Lair
TFH Li'l Hinox Model.png
Hinox Brothers
TFH The Lady's Pet Margoma Model.png
The Lady's Pets
TFH Dunes Artwork.png
6. The Dunes
Clear The Lady's Lair An arid region where all Sand is Quicksand, and Enemies like Leevers and Hokkubokku lurk under the surface. Many structures and etchings are reminiscent of Ancient Egypt, and are filled with traps such as rolling Spiketraps, invisible floors, and see-saw platforms. Infinity Dunes
Stone Corridors
Gibdo Mausoleum
Sand Temple
TFH Vulture Vizier Model.png
Vulture Vizier
TFH Stalchampion Model.png
TFH Ruins Artwork.png
7. The Ruins
Clear The Lady's Lair The haunted remains of a dark and foreboding palace, filled with Enemies spectral and undead. The Links once again enter at ground level, this time descending further into deathly, decaying depths. Illusory Mansion
Palace Noir
Lone Labyrinth
Grim Temple
TFH Grim Repoe Model.png
Grim Repoe
TFH Prismantus Model.png
TFH Sky Realm Artwork.png
8. Sky Realm
Clear the Sand Temple and Grim Temple A magnificent castle in the sky, built upon perilous, floating platforms. In order to finally confront Lady Maud, the Links must use all the skills they have learned to overcome obstacles that combine elements of previous Areas. They will battle the gold-plated Sky Soldiers and dragon-like Aeralfos, and glide with the Cuccos. Floating Garden
Deception Castle
Dragon Citadel
Sky Temple
TFH Gigaleon Model.png
TFH Lady Maud Third Form Model.png
The Lady
TFH Den of Trials Artwork.png
9. Den of Trials
Clear nine Levels or Drablands Challenges; speak to The Great Tripini
Main article: Den of Trials
Added through the 2.0.0 update.
A series of 40 progressively-challenging floors, containing scenery and Enemies based on the eight previous Areas, as well as "Dark" variants that can Curse the Links and deal greater damage.
TFH Shadow Links Models.png
Shadow Links

Drablands Challenges

Main article: Drablands Challenge

Once an Area's guardian boss is defeated, the Drablands Challenges are unlocked. These challenges provide three more difficult versions of each Level, such as completing it with a time limit or with fewer Heart Containers. Materials awarded at the end of a Level differ slightly, allowing the Links to earn better rewards by tackling harder missions. Once all of an Area's challenges are completed, Link can visit King Tuft in order to receive some of the rarest Materials that can only be obtained through the Coliseum otherwise. Once all 128 Drablands Challenges are completed, Link is rewarded with a Gold Rupee worth 300.



The term "drab" can mean boring, or a lack of color and brightness. This is in contrast to Hytopia's fashion-obsessed nature.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapanese魔境 (Makyō)[6]
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