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Dr. Left's House,[1] also known as the Biologist's Home,[2] is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.

Features and Overview[]

Oracle of Seasons[]

The Biologist's Home is located in the southeastern area of Horon Village. A Bed and several bookshelves may be found inside, along with Dr. Left. He will give Link the Cuccodex should he light the Torchlight next to the Book that the Doctor is reading.[3]

A portion of the eastern wall is Cracked. If Link blows it up with a Bomb, he will be able to exit the Biologist's Home through a side room. Outside, in Dr. Left's yard, is a pool of Water. Link can cross it when it freezes during Winter, or using the Zora's Flippers or the Roc's Cape, in order to reach a Treasure Chest containing 20 Rupees.

The Minish Cap[]

Dr. Left's House is located along the western edge of Hyrule Town, near the staircase. Dr. Left can be found inside, as well as some Town Minish.

Dr. Left is the owner of an overdue Library Book titled Legend of the Picori, which Link must locate and return to the Royal Hyrule Library.[4] Before Link has to find the overdue Library Book, Dr. Left will not allow him into his House, as he is absorbed in his incessant study of the Minish.[5] Once Link has obtained the Power Bracelets from the Fountain, he is able to move the bookshelves within Dr. Left's House, helping him obtain the overdue Library Book.


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