"I am the protector of the key that keeps the land sealed! I am impressed you were able to clear the traps and monsters in this temple! I will not stop one who is trying to return the king to sleep. Take this King's Key. Take that key and return to the third knight, Bremeur. Release the seal and restore our kingdom to its rightful shape."
— Doylan

Doylan is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. One of the Four Knights of the Cobble Kingdom, he was the second ranked of the order during his lifetime.

During the events of Phantom Hourglass, Doylan, along with the rest of the knights, has long since passed away. Link encounters Doylan's ghost in a tomb on the Isle of Ruins. Doylan is shocked that Link was able to overcome the monsters he encountered during his trip to meet him, and he gives the hero the King's Key. With the key in hand, Link must travel back to Bremeur's tomb on the western side of the island. The King's Key allows Link to lower the water level and restore the Cobble Kingdom to its "rightful shape."


It is probable that Doylan is named after Doyle, one of the Carpenters from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. This seems likely because the Four Knights of the Cobble Kingdom as a whole seem to be based off of the Carpenters seeing as there are four in each group and the knights serve King Mutoh while the Carpenters serve Mutoh.

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