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Download Play is an application and feature of the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS that allows players to locally and wirelessly download content from other systems. The feature is specifically known as DS Download Play when Nintendo DS content is involved and Nintendo 3DS Download Play when Nintendo 3DS content is involved.


The main purpose of Download Play is to allow for local Multiplayer gaming using only a single copy of the supported games. To use it, players without a copy of the game they wish to join must launch the built-in Download Play application on their Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS, while the "host" player launches the game itself and selects the Download Play mode within. The game will transmit a temporary copy of itself to the other player(s) which remains on their console until it is powered off, allowing them to play freely with the host player. Due to memory limitations, some gameplay features may be absent during Download Play.

The Legend of Zelda Games Supporting Download Play

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, Battle Mode can be played between two players through Download Play. The host player's rank is not affected during Download Play.

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, Battle Mode can be played with up to four players through Download Play. The host player's rank may change during Download Play.

Tingle's Balloon Fight DS

Four Swords Anniversary Edition

Tri Force Heroes

In Tri Force Heroes, three players can play cooperatively through Download Play; the Coliseum battle mode is not supported.[1]

Download Play in Tri Force Heroes comes with numerous limitations for the joining player(s). While the process of unlocking Levels, Drablands Challenges, and Outfits is the same as in the full game, the Links are bound to the Multiplayer lobby in Hytopia Castle. Therefore, several Outfits are unavailable due to Download Play not allowing for certain unlocking conditions to be met, or certain Materials to be collected. Orders for custom Outfits must be placed with Madame Couture's Apprentice within the lobby;[2] however, as the Apprentice is slower at tailoring than Madame Couture herself, the Outfit will not be completed until the Links return from the next Level they visit,[3] and he is only willing to craft up to two Outfits for each joining Link,[4] besides the Hero's Tunic they wear by default.

The Den of Trials cannot be unlocked or selected by the joining Links, but it can still be played by allowing the "host" Link to select it. The joining Links also cannot collect Hero Points or Friendly Tokens, obtain the Camera to take screenshots, or view information about The Lady's Materials or Freebies, and all of the game's music is replaced with the 8-bit versions normally heard by wearing the Timeless Tunic. The joining Links can, however, have their progress and collected items saved automatically, and resume this progress the next time they join via Download Play. This progress will also be carried over to the full game, should they acquire it.[1]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Download Play DS Download Play Nintendo 3DS Download Play
Canada FrenchCA Mode téléchargement Télécharger Triforce piece.png
Téléchargement DS Triforce piece.png
Mode téléchargement Nintendo 3DS
Federative Republic of Brazil PortugueseBR Download Play DS Download Play Download Play Nintendo 3DS
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Modo descarga Descarga DS Modo descarga Nintendo 3DS


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