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Dovok is a character in Spirit Tracks.[2] He is the chief of Whittleton, a village of lumberjacks located north of Aboda Village in the Forest Realm.


Decades ago, he used to live in the city, but when the former chief of the village passed away, he was called back to take over for him since there was nobody to replace him.[3]

When Link speaks to him for the first time, Dovok will mention that he has heard about Link's journey and reveals to the young hero about a secret path west of the village that leads to the Forest Sanctuary, the place where Gage, one of the Lokomo, lives.[4] The path, which is known as the Lost Woods, is an enchanted area where, if Link takes the wrong path, he will end up right back where he started. As such, the chief recommends to Link that he speak to the villagers to get more information about how to get past the woods and thus reach the sanctuary.[5]

After the Ocean Temple is completed, Link can go speak to Orca in Papuchia Village who says she is looking for a husband. Link can bring Dovok to her and after they introduce each other, they will promptly marry. Although the chief worries about how the village will sustain without him being there, he shrugs the thought off and goes on to say that they will somehow manage without his aid. As a sign of gratitude for bringing the two together, Orca will reward Link with a Force Gem that reveals more Spirit Tracks in the Forest Realm.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseドヴォーク (Dovōku)[6]
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