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Era(s)Era of the Great Voyage
Habitat(s)New Hyrule

Doves are a type of Creature in Spirit Tracks.[1]


Doves are common Birds that can be found throughout New Hyrule. They will often flock together on the ground, fleeing from Link if he gets too close to them. If he uses the Spirit Flute to play the "Song of Birds" when Doves are nearby, they will settle on and around him, staying there until he moves, by which point they will all fly away with the exception of the Dove perched on his hat. This Bird will remain there until Link either rolls, performs a Spin Attack, hits something hard with his Sword, or leaves the area.

Doves are the symbol of the Royal Engineers, therefore, a picture of a Dove can be seen on the hat of the Engineer's Clothes.[2]



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