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Dorrah is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Dorrah is a Gerudo soldier who guards the front entrance of Gerudo Town with Merina. When Link tries to enter Gerudo Town without a disguise, the guards will stop him and Dorrah will tell him that no "voe" are allowed.[1] If Link speaks to Dorrah, she apologizes and says that it is a strict tradition that "voe" are not permitted into the Town,[2] suggesting that Link instead go to the Kara Kara Bazaar if he needs to prepare for a journey.[3] When Link mishears "voe" as "boe," Dorrah corrects him, explaining that "voe" means "man" in Hylian.[4] Dorrah also explains that the Gerudo word for "woman" is vai.[5] When Link finishes speaking to Dorrah, she tells him that "Good-bye" is "sav'orq" in Gerudo.[6] If Link tries to sneak into Gerudo Town without using one of the three entrances or removes any piece of his disguise while in the Town, Dorrah will yell that a man has been detected and commands the soldiers to capture him at once.[7] Link is then thrown out to the front entrance of the Town, where Dorrah points her Gerudo Spear at Link and tells him that men are forbidden by Gerudo law.[8] If Link speaks to Dorrah while wearing the Gerudo Set, she explains that Gerudo Town is Hyrule's largest trade hub and that only "vai" are permitted to enter.[9][10][11] When Link mishears "vai" as "bai," Dorrah corrects him and explains that "vai" means "woman" in Hylian.[12] She also explains that the Gerudo word for "man" is "voe."[13] Dorrah recommends learning the Gerudo language if he plans to stay at Gerudo Town.[14] If Link speaks to Dorrah after calming the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, she says that Riju has calmed Naboris and that Link can come now relax in Gerudo Town.[15][16]


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JapanJapaneseドロップ (Doroppu)
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