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Dora Dora is the boss of Desma's Labyrinth, the fifth dungeon in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. A giant, red dragon, Dora Dora is the source of the curse placed on King Desma.

When Uncle Rupee hoodwinked King Desma into gathering all of his tribe's Rupees and throwing them into Mount Desma, he released Dora Dora into Desma's Labyrinth to uphold this curse. King Desma's daughter, Mamba, encourages Tingle to slay the dragon, in hopes that it will cure her father. Tingle does this, and it does indeed bring King Desma to his senses. As thanks for saving his tribe, King Desma orders the construction of a monument dedicated to Tingle and proclaims him to be a god to his people.


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Because some believe that Mount Desma is Death Mountain and Desma's Labyrinth is the Fire Temple, it seems plausible that Dora Dora is somehow connected to Volvagia. The two dragons are quite similar in appearance and habitat, and could potentially be one and the same.

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