"Opening the Door of Friendship
Once upon a time, two men fell in love with a beautiful woman. One man was popular and always the center of attention. But all he cared about was the beautiful woman he had fallen in love with. Unfortunately for him, the woman only had eyes for the other man. The battle for the woman's love grew and sent sparks hot enough to melt stone. But eventually, friendship shone between the men like a light, uniting the pair. It was as if a door had been unlocked.

The Door of Friendship is an object from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A door, it blocks entry to Embrose's chamber in the Fire Sanctuary. To open the Door of Friendship, Link must solve the riddle posted on a sign nearby. The sign weaves a tale about two men who desired the love of a beautiful maiden. The one man is very popular, but only desires one thing in life: the maiden. The other man is not as charismatic, but still manages to win over his dream girl. This results in a battle between the two men, but somehow, they manage to become friends.

To open the Door of Friendship, Link must utilize this riddle to understand the room's puzzle. Eight stone faces are found scattered throughout the chamber, all of which represent people from the story. Five stone faces look at the one in the center (the popular man), this stone looks at another (the maiden), this face looks at another (the other man) and this person looks back. After realizing what the scene depicts, Link must play the "Song of Light" between the two stones that represent the two men who desire the beautiful maiden, as if to carry out the quote "friendship shone between the men like a light."

After the "Song of Light" is played, the Door of Friendship opens and Link gains entry to Embrose's chamber.

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