"Appears in the Royal Crypt. They look like doors, but they're really traps! If you get too close to one, it will fall down on you!"

Door Mimics are recurring enemies of the Legend of Zelda series. They resemble a normal dungeon door; however, when they are approached by Link, they fall down. If Link does not move out of the way, he is crushed under the weight of the door, causing damage. They can be destroyed with a variety of weapons, including Bombs.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Though they are not specifically named, Door Mimics can be found in the Fire Temple, the Gerudo's Training Ground, and the Spirit Temple. If Link attempts to open one of these doors or if it is attacked, it will wobble and fall down, knocking him back if he is standing near it, and then flip back to its original position. Bombs or the Megaton Hammer can be used to destroy a Door Mimic, as Link learns from a rescued Goron in the Fire Temple.

While hard to distinguish from a distance, a close-up view of Door Mimics can reveal their existence. Where real doors that actually connect different chambers are installed in existing doorways, Door Mimics are simply stacked up against the dungeon walls, therefore protruding slightly. Also unlike real doors, they have a fake handle painted on their frames, showing no protrusion from the door itself.

Since they are not real doors, Door Mimics do not appear as doorways on the Dungeon Map, unless they are stacked over real doors.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The Door Mimics are found in Dark Hyrule Castle and the Royal Valley. They do not resemble the ones from Ocarina of Time. If Link approaches one, it will fall with a slight delay, leaving Link just enough time to step aside. This version of the Door Mimic seems to be a sort of mechanical trap rather than a magical one. A chain can be seen pulling the Mimic back in position after it has fallen. As with other versions of the Door Mimic, it can be destroyed with bombs.

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