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Doof is a character from the Legend of Zelda animated series. An elderly Hylian man with magical powers, he works for the Royal Family of Hyrule as the handyman of Hyrule Castle.


In the episode "A Hitch in the Works," Link attempts to sneak out of Hyrule Castle to go fishing. He is caught by Princess Zelda, however, and forced to finish his chores in the Castle. While doing his chores, he encounters Doof, who has animated a robot created from various objects found in the castle to aid Link in finishing his work; however, the robot quickly crashes into a support pillar and collapses, forcing Doof to use his magic to restore the robot. Later, Hyrule Castle is infiltrated by Moblins; Link successfully defeats the Moblins in the ensuing battle, but the damaged robot collapses on top of Link, knocking him unconscious. Link is awakened by Princess Zelda, who blames him for causing the mess and refuses to believe his story about the Moblins.

Doof, who ran away during the battle, returns too late to confirm Link's story. Link asks of Doof to create fake Moblins with his magic, that he may rescue Zelda from them, allowing him ample time to go fishing. Meanwhile, Zelda manages to overhear their conversation and when Moblins do attack her, she does not act scared of them; however, the Moblins turn out to be real, and Doof appears shortly thereafter with a puppet Moblin, which is all that he could create. Link goes after Zelda and successfully rescues her from being the bride of Ganon. Upon their return to the Overworld, they are attacked by another Moblin, and Zelda jumps into Link's arms for protection; the Moblin quickly crumples together in a heap, revealed to be one of Doof's animated puppets, and the three laugh about the incident.

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