"If the dog you brought me takes 1st place, you get triple your bet. 2nd place gets double. If the dog you've chosen places 3rd through 5th, you'll break even and get back however much you bet. If your dog does any worse than that, you'll lose whatever you bet."
Mamamu Yan

The Doggy Racetrack is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is a sector of Romani Ranch, and it is here that Link can play the Doggy Race mini-game.

Mamamu Yan is the owner of the Doggy Racetrack at the ranch. The course is a place to bet on dogs racing; Link can bet any amount of Rupees that he wants, and if the dog he chooses places 1st, he will win triple his bet. If the dog places second, he will win double the bet. For third to fifth places, he will break even. Any place lower wins nothing. Winning more than 150 Rupees will win Link a Piece of Heart or, if he has already received the Piece of Heart, additional Rupees. The Racetrack is open from 6 AM to 8 PM. On top of an awning there is also a Treasure Chest which contains a Purple Rupee. The chest can be reached by using it as a target for the Hookshot or by planting Magic Beans in the Soft Soil which is located inside the Doggy Pen; just on the left.

Dogs Racing

A Doggy Race

Before the race, every dog in the pen has a preset running ability. Some are slow, while others are fast. Link has no way to know which dog is which unless he wears the Mask of Truth. By donning the mask, Link has the ability to read the dog's minds. If a dog barks once, it has a great chance of winning. If a dog barks twice, it will not finish last, but it will more than likely not win. If a dog whines, it does not have a chance of winning.

Interestingly, if the dog with golden fur is one that barks once, it tends to win more often than any other dog with good thoughts.

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