Dodoh's High Dive is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is run by Dodoh on Fun Fun Island.

Before Dodoh will allow Link to play Dodoh's High Dive, he asks Link to find his Party Wheel, which he has accidentally dropped into the Lanayru Desert. With the aid of LD-301S Scrapper, Link returns it to Dodoh, opening up the mini-game and receiving his first round free of charge. All subsequent attempts will cost 20 Rupees.

The mini-game involves Dodoh launching Link straight upward using a cannon. After being launched, Link sky-dives back down, trying to pass through the "Fortune Rings" and avoiding the giant "Dodoh Balls". Every ring Link passes through increases the multiplier for Link's prize by two, with a total of ten, as well as slowing the speed at which the colored spaces on the island's base spin. Hitting a ball resets this multiplier. The main objective, however, is not to fly through rings, but to land on one of the many colored spaces on the island itself. Each of these colored spaces corresponds to a different Rupee value; however, the gray space is referred to as the "Loser Space", and causes Link to lose ten Rupees. It is, however, unaffected by the multiplier.

The first time that Link lands on the 50 Rupee space with a X10 multiplier, Dodoh rewards him with a Piece of Heart plus 500 Rupees.

Color Prize (at X1 multiplier)
Pink and Blue 50 Rupees (Piece of Heart at first X10 Multiplier)
Red 20 Rupees
Blue 5 Rupees
Green 1 Rupee
Brown 0 Rupees
Gray Loss of 10 Rupees (unaffected by multiplier)
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