"That is a Zora child! That is beyond my expertise! Hmmmph!"
— Doctor Borville

Doctor Borville is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is the doctor of Hyrule Castle Town. His name is not stated in-game, but it is mentioned in the official guide book as well as the Twilight Princess trading cards.


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After Prince Ralis, the Zora prince, collapses in front of the gates of Hyrule Castle Town, Ilia finds him and takes him to Telma. Doctor Borville comes to help Ralis, but ultimately refuses to treat him, citing a lack of familiarity with the anatomy of Zoras (it is implied that the true reason is that he is biased against Zoras). After this, Borville is found in the Medical Clinic, but Link cannot pass without giving him the Invoice, a note from Telma asking him to pay his colossal bar tab.

Later in the game, Doctor Borville claims to have attempted to treat Ilia's memory loss, but failed. However, he kept Ilia's Wooden Statue for himself, apparently planning to sell it.

Strangely, if Link transforms into his Wolf form in the clinic and talks to Doctor Borville, he does not seem to notice Link is a wolf, possibly due to poor eyesight.

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