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The Diving Game is a Mini-Game in Ocarina of Time.[1]

Location and Rules[]

The Diving Game is run by a Zora located at the top of the waterfall in Zora's Domain. This Mini-Game is not optional, as it must be completed in order to get the Silver Scale, which will allow Link to reach the Letter in a Bottle. The Diving Game costs 20 Rupees to play, and the Zora operator throws Rupees over the waterfall for him to retrieve. Link must jump from the waterfall and dive under the Water to retrieve the Rupees in 50 seconds. Once the game is completed, Link must return to the Zora operator to claim the Silver Scale. After obtaining the Silver Scale, the prize will become a Purple Rupee.



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  1. "If you want to be a master diver, try the diving game at the top of the waterfall! Have you tried it already?" — Zora (Ocarina of Time 3D)