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This page is about the Main Quest. For the Divine Beast, see Divine Beast Vah Naboris.
Divine Beast Vah Naboris
BotW Link and Riju.png
Quest Giver Riju
Location Gerudo Town
Reward Scimitar of the Seven
Urbosa's Fury
Previous QuestNext Quest
"Forbidden City Entry""The Mystery Polluter"
"The Search for Barta"
"The Thunder Helm"
"The Undefeated Champ"

"Divine Beast Vah Naboris" is a Main Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Once Link has disguised himself and gained entry to Gerudo Town during "Forbidden City Entry", he can continue his journey to calm the Divine Beasts in the Royal Palace. There, the chief of the Gerudo, Riju, will be sitting on her Throne. When she notices him, she will ask how he found himself in the Royal Palace.[2] Before Link can answer, she realizes that he is in possession of the Sheikah Slate.[3]

The captain of the guard, Buliara, will stop Link as he approaches and demands he to explain his business.[4] Riju will tell Buliara to hold on, noticing that Link is more than a common traveler and asks for his name.[5] After learning his name, Riju asks what his reason for visiting her is.[6] When Link reveals that he can calm the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Buliara is initially skeptical, as such a feat is only obtainable by the Champions, who died in the Great Calamity.[7] Riju then recalls her mother speaking of a fallen swordsman that was placed into a deep sleep by Princess Zelda when the Calamity happened.[8] She also recalls that the swordsman's name was Link.[9]

If Link is not carrying the Master Sword, Buliara will point out that he does not have the sword from those same legends.[10] Riju agrees that he does not appear to be carrying the sword that seals the darkness,[11] but recalls that Princess Zelda hid it in a forest.[12] She then notices the Sheikah Slate on Link's hip,[13] pointing out that the Sheikah would not give something so valuable to just anybody.[14] Buliara mentions that she does not recall hearing of a Hylian woman among the Champions, at which point she realizes that Link is actually a man.[15] While it is a crime for a man to enter Gerudo Town, Riju dismisses this, as it would be a even worse to turn away a friend of Urbosa.[16] Since Link is there to help them with Divine Beast Vah Naboris, she declares him their ally.[17]

Riju and Buliara speaking to each other

Riju reasons that Link must have noticed Divine Beast Vah Naboris on his journey into Gerudo Town.[18] The Gerudo have yet to find a way to appease Naboris on their own,[19] but since Link is a Champion, he may be able to enter the Divine Beast himself.[20] Buliara urges Riju not to trust a stranger with such an important task,[21] suggesting that he prove himself worthy by recovering the stolen Thunder Helm.[22]

Riju agrees with this and proceeds to explain that the Thunder Helm is the only thing in Hyrule that can withstand Divine Beast Vah Naboris's Lightning.[23] If Link is truly a Champion, Buliara believes he will have no difficulty in recovering the heirloom.[24] Buliara tells Link that Captain Teake in the barracks nearby can tell him about the thieves who stole the Thunder Helm.[25] Riju reminds Link that he will not be able to approach Divine Beast Vah Naboris without the Thunder Helm.[26] Before he leaves for the barracks, Riju says that Link's arrival must be a sign that Lady Urbosa is looking out for them.[27] Afterwards, the Main Quest will officially begin.

In the barracks, Teake will initially try to send Link away.[28][note 1] When Link explains, she will be shocked to hear that Buliara has sent him to learn about the theft.[30] She apologizes for her rude behavior and introduces herself as the captain in charge of Gerudo Town's soldiers.[31] The Thunder Helm was stolen by the Yiga Clan, which put many of the soldiers on edge.[32] They have discovered that the Yiga Clan Hideout is located in Karusa Valley,[33] but the Gerudo soldiers have become exhausted on their own.[34] Teake announces to the rest of the soldiers that they must offer any information they have to Link.[35] She tells Link to consider himself a member of their unit and to ask them any questions he has.[36]

Link can speak to the Gerudo in the barracks for more information about the Yiga Clan. As Babi is busy overseeing spear training, she is too busy to answer any of Link's questions.[37] The two soldiers training, Smaude and Marta, will also be unable to help Link.

While in the barracks, Link can overhear Liana wondering to Leena and Kotta where Barta is.[38] Leena reveals that she wanted to scout the Yiga Clan Hideout and left two days ago before anyone could stop her.[39] Liana is outraged that they let her go on her own and never told anyone.[40] Leena apologizes, as she believed Barta when she said she would be careful.[41] In addition to searching for the Thunder Helm, Liana is upset that they now have to find Barta as well.[42] She is also afraid that Teake will find out and force them to do 100 laps around the Gerudo Desert.[43] When Kotta asks what they should do,[44] Liana will tell her she is thinking about it.[45]

After, Link can speak to Leena, who expresses concern over Barta's absence.[46] However, as there are bad sandstorms around Karusa Valley, Leena believes she may have gotten lost.[47] Kotta is grumpy over having to take a Sand Seal out to search, as surfing makes her feel sick.[48]

Liana is able to share more information about the Yiga Clan with Link, as there is currently an investigation ongoing.[49] When asked about the thieves, Liana explains that they are skilled in Stealth and disguise.[50] The Yiga Clan slipped into Gerudo Town at night and managed to steal the Thunder Helm.[51] The Gerudo believe they are a splinter of the Sheikah that turned to villainy,[52] though they are uncertain as to why the Thunder Helm was a target.[53] If Link asks about the Hideout, Liana shares that it is located at the end of a difficult path in Karusa Valley.[54] They have yet to infiltrate the Hideout,[55] and it has been painful to be bested by another group living in the Desert.[56]

To reach the Yiga Clan Hideout, Link must pass through Karusa Valley and into the Gerudo Highlands. Yiga Footsoldiers will ambush Link on this path. At the end, Link will find a chamber filled with Torches and Yiga Clan iconography. By burning the tapestries in the room, Link will eventually find the main entrance to the Yiga Clan Hideout.

Across from the entrance, Link will find Barta trapped in a cell.[57] She explains that, if Link is noticed by the patrolling Yiga Blademasters, they will call for reinforcements, which will be too difficult for Link to defeat.[58] She wishes there were some way to distract them,[59] but she has only see them patrol and eat Mighty Bananas.[60] Since the Hideout is dangerous, Barta tries to convince Link to abandon her.[61]

Link navigate the Yiga Clan Hideout by sticking to higher points, such as the rafters and the tops of pillars. If needed, he can also drop Mighty Bananas to distract the Yiga Blademasters and allow him to sneak past. Should Link get caught, he will be swarmed with Yiga Footsoldiers who will attempt to kill him. If Link is discovered and subsequently dies, he will have to start over from the beginning.

At the end of the Yiga Clan Hideout, Link will find a hidden door that leads to a valley with a deep hole. When he walks out, he will be confronted by Master Kohga,[62] who asks who he is and why he is in his napping spot.[63] However, once he notices that Link is carrying a Sheikah Slate,[64] he realizes that Link is the hero.[65] He remarks how lucky he is that Link managed to find his way to the Yiga Clan Hideout.[66] Once he introduces himself,[67] he will begin to attack Link.

After Link has managed to wear him down, Master Kohga remarks that he never thought he would be done in by Link.[68] Though he is angered by this, [69] Master Kohga takes a moment to consider his next course of action.[70] He suddenly remembers a secret technique passed down from his ancestors, which he decides to use to destroy Link.[71] He summons a spiked boulder, which he is unable to see Link behind after it lands on the ground.[72] However, he decides this does not matter, as Link will soon be gone.[73] As he begins to explain the history of his technique,[74] the boulder begins to roll towards him. Master Kohga begins to panic, and he is pushed into the pit behind him. As he falls, he vows that the Yiga Clan will avenge him.[75] After a large crash, a Treasure Chest will appear at the edge of the pit, which contains the Thunder Helm.

Back in Gerudo Town, Link will learn that Riju is waiting for him in her bedroom on the second floor of the Royal Palace.[76] Buliara warns Link to be on his best behavior, as it would otherwise end badly for him.[77] When Link approaches Riju, she is able to sense the power of the Thunder Helm.[78] She is aware that her people still see her as a child,[79] so she wants to prove herself worthy of her chiefhood.[80] Riju was sullen when the Thunder Helm was stolen,[81] but she reiterates that Link's arrival in the midst of such chaos must be the work of Urbosa.[82] She asks Link to give her the Thunder Helm.[83] After placing the Helm on her head, Riju asks how she looks,[84] which triggers the Recovered Memory, "Urbosa's Hand".

Once the Memory has been completed, Riju will note that Link has been staring and once again asks if she looks fine.[85] If Link says she looks good, Riju will be comforted by his words, though the Helm will slip off her head slightly.[86] Alternatively, if Link tells Riju that it is big on her, it will once again slip,[87] which Riju is unimpressed by.[88]

Since the Thunder Helm was stolen, the threat of Divine Beast Vah Naboris has continued to grow.[89] Riju believes it is not long until Gerudo Town will be in danger of the Divine Beast's rampage.[90] Her role as chief requires her to avoid such a scenario, and so she asks Link if he is prepared to help her.[91] When Link agrees, Riju admits that his confidence puts her at ease.[92] She asks Link to meet her at the Lookout Post.[93] As the only way to approach Divine Beast Vah Naboris is with a Sand Seal,[94] so Riju suggests taking one to the Lookout Post in order to practice.[95] Riju plans on taking her own Sand Seal, Patricia, with her.[96] Before leaving, Riju confesses that the Thunder Helm is actually a little too big for her.[97]

When Link arrives at the Lookout Post, Riju will be there waiting for him on the roof, equipped with the Thunder Helm.[98][note 2] She points out how intimidating Divine Beast Vah Naboris appears,[101] reminding Link that they will need to use Sand Seals and asking if he is prepared.[102] When Link says he is ready, Riju decides it is time for them to go.[103] Her plan is for Link to follow her lead when they approach on Sand Seals,[104] where Link will shoot at its feet using Bomb Arrows.[105] Divine Beast Vah Naboris relies on energy from the ground to move, so damaging the feet will cause it to stop.[106] However, Naboris's Lightning can be fatal if one is struck by it,[107] To stay safe, she tells Link to stay close to her, as the Thunder Helm can protect them.[108] Should Link become too injured, she asks him to retreat back to the {{Term|BotW|Lookout Post.[109] She gives Link a bundle of 20 Bomb Arrows to use in the fight,[110] before asking once again if he is ready.[111]

Riju asking her ancestors for power

Once the pair have their Sand Seals, Riju will ask Link to give her some space.[112] She holds her arms skyward, declaring herself as a descendant of the Gerudo royal line and leader of her people.[113] With the power of the Thunder Helm, she vows to calm Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[114] She then gathers power by asking her ancestors to aid her,[115] which causes a protective field to form around her. She reveals that she can feel their power, though she once again has to readjust the Helm.[116] She decides that now they are ready to leave,[117] but before they do so, she turns to ask Urbosa to protect both herself and Link.[118]

Link and Riju must ride their Sand Seals into the sandstorm toward Divine Beast Vah Naboris, where Link must shoot the each of its feet twice with Bomb Arrows in order to weaken it. Naboris will periodically charge its Lightning attack, which Link must avoid by seeking refuge with Riju. Once Link has shot all four of the mechanical beast's legs, it will temporarily power down and collapse.

Riju removes the Thunder Helm as Link runs up behind her, the pair looking over the Divine Beast. Riju reveals that she is unable to continue assisting Link in appeasing Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[119] She watches on as Link boards the Divine Beast, which reactivates and begins to stand again. Riju tells Link not to let them down.[120]

Inside Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Link can activate its Sheikah Slate Terminal, which will register its Travel Gate.[121] After this, he will hear the voice of Urbosa, who reminds Link how long she has been waiting.[122] Despite this, she is excited for Link to reclaim Naboris from Calamity Ganon.[123] First, Link will need a Map to navigate the Divine Beast,[124] so Urbosa directs him to the Guidance Stone for one.[125] The Guidance Stone will authenticate the Sheikah Slate and distill a Map of the Divine Beast,[126] which grants him some control over Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[127]

Urbosa congratulates Link for retrieving a Map.[128] She points at that the Sheikah Slate should have a series of glowing markers on its Map, which correlate to the Terminals that control Vah Naboris.[129] She tasks Link with activating all five Terminals in order to free Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[130] Urbosa encourages Link, saying he is well prepared for this challenge.[131]

Each Terminal will authenticate Link's Sheikah Slate.[132] After one Terminal has been activated, Urbosa will remind Link that she is counting on him.[133] Once Link has two Terminals activated, Urbosa will encourage him to hang in there.[134] With three activate Terminals, Urbosa tells Link to stay focused.[135] Activating the fourth Terminal will cause Urbosa to say that he has almost done it.[136] When all five Terminals are active, Urbosa will instruct Link to head start the Main Control Unit, and while he is doing well, she reminds him that overconfidence can be deadly.[137]

If Link attempts to start the Main Control Unit, Malice will begin to swirl around it. Thunderblight Ganon takes form in the center of the room, which Urbosa warns him of.[138] It is one of Calamity Ganon's, and it was capable of defeating her 100 years ago.[139] She tells Link not to let it do the same to him and that he should fight not only for his own life, but Thunderblight Ganon's death as well.[140]

Urbosa's introduction

After defeating Thunderblight Ganon, the Malice surrounding the Main Control Unit will disappear and a Heart Container will drop. Once the Main Control Unit has been activated, the spirit of Urbosa will appear, remarking that she knew that Link would not let them down.[141] She thanks him for reclaiming Divine Beast Vah Naboris,[142] and they can finally finish the battle against Calamity Ganon.[143] She is relieved, as the Gerudo do not tolerate unfinished business.[144] For the past century, she has been waiting for Link's infiltration Hyrule Castle and her own attack on Calamity Ganon.[145] Urbosa is reminded that she wanted to give Link her power, Urbosa's Fury.[146] A glowing yellow orb appears in her hand, which settles inside of Link. He snaps his fingers, which causes bolts of Lightning to strike around him.

Urbosa solemnly mentions that Link and Princess Zelda must have suffered after the Champions were defeated.[147] She offers him comfort, saying that this was the way things were supposed to happen and nobody should feel guilty.[148] She asks that Link pass this message along to {{Term|BotW|Princess Zelda, along with the fact that she should have no worries and that Urbosa is proud of her.[149] As Link begins to disappear, Urbosa instructs him to take care of both Zelda and Hyrule.[150]

Back in control of Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Urbosa pilots it out of the Gerudo Desert and to the top of Spectacle Rock, where it takes aim at Hyrule Castle. There, Urbosa reflects on Nabooru, a legend amongst the Gerudo.[151] She declares that Naboris, which was named in her honor, is also a legend.[152] Even after a century, there is still a bitter taste on her tongue over her defeat.[153] Legend states that once, Calamity Ganon was a Gerudo,[154] which makes Urbosa eager to defeat him.[155] Link must be capable of keeping Calamity Ganon occupied until Urbosa and Naboris are able to unleash their attack.[156] That moment, Urbosa believes, will be delicious.[157]

Link is returned to the main gate of Gerudo Town, where he officially receives Urbosa's Fury. He must report his victory to Riju in the Royal Palace.[158] Though she is surprised that Link is back,[159] Riju will be relieved that he is fine.[160] Though Divine Beast Vah Naboris is no longer a threat,[161] she is still worried about the state of Hyrule Kingdom.[162] As thanks for Link's help, Riju has prepared two Treasure Chests, which contain priceless pieces of equipment that were once used by Urbosa.[163] She mentions that it is right for Link to have them, as he and Urbosa were once friends.[164] Inside the Chests is the Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker. With this, the Main Quest will be completed.


Stage Description
1 The leader of the Gerudo, Lady Riju, asked for your help in conquering Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

Before you can confront the Divine Beast, the Gerudo need help recovering the chief's heriloom, which has been stolen. Captain Teake in the solders' barracks has the latest information on the thieves.
2 After speaking with Captain Teake, you learned that the thieves are hiding out in Karusa Valley, but the hideout itself has not been scouted by any of the soldiers.

Gather additional information from the soldiers, and then head for the thieves' hideout.
3 You've arrived in the thieves' hideout! You can sense many people waiting within—you would be at a disadvantage if a fight were to break out.

Sneak into the hideout, and recover the Gerudo chief's heirloom.
4 You retrieved the chief's heirloom from the thieves' leader!

It's time to head back to Gerudo Town and return the heirloom to Riju!
5 At last you are ready to take on the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Head for the lookout post where Riju is waiting for you.

Riju has told you that a fight with the Divine Beast will go much more smoothly for one who knows how to sand-seal surf.
6 You defeated the Thunderblight Ganon lurking deep within the Divine Beast Vah Naboris!

Urbosa's Divine Beast Vah Naboris has taken up a position in the eastern region of the Gerudo Desert.

Make your way back to Gerudo Town, and report to the chief of the Gerudo, Riju!
Complete You've reported to Riju that you've conquered Divine Beast Vah Naboris!

You've learned how to use Urbosa's Fury, one of the Champions' blessings.


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