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Dive Ceremony is a Mini-Game in Tears of the Kingdom.

Location and Rules[]

Dive Ceremony is an ancient Zonai ritual where Zonai youth at the coming-of-age are initiated into adults by diving from a high altitude and land safely into the water. They are located in different locations in the sky and each are hosted by a Steward Construct pre-programed to oversee these ceremonies.

Before the game begins, Link is instructed by the Steward Construct to perform a preliminary dive of the ceremony. If Link has not already by then, the Steward Construct can escort them to the top of the starting location.[citation needed] Once arrived, there is a Zonai gateway that activates the rings when triggered. Link must dive from the starting position and pass through all the rings and safely into the water pool below to complete the preliminary dive. Once accomplished, a Shrine will appear nearby and the Steward Construct can commence the official dive ceremony.

To play, a payment of one Zonai Charge is required.[1] Once paid, Link will be taken to the top of the starting location to begin the game. The goal is to pass through all rings in the allotted time before reaching the bottom;[2] missing even one ring will result in a failure.

The reward for passing all rings and diving into the water successfully in the allotted time is a piece of armor from the Glide Set. There is also an optional professional record time that can be challenged. Beating this time will reward a Large Zonai Charge for each professional target time reached.


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  1. "Our custom since long ago has been for participants in the ceremony to offer a Zonai charge to the island." — Steward Construct (Tears of the Kingdom)
  2. "The starting position is the sky island far above here. The challenger leaps from there. They must pass through all the rings in a set amount of time." — Steward Construct (Tears of the Kingdom)