"This cave is basically one big maze. But there's a riddle that tells you the way to the treasure. From a room that knows no south, follow the rocky trail north and north... There in the north lies the treasure, waiting to be discovered."
Out-of-place Soldier
Disorientation Station Sprite
The Disorientation Station is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Located in the far northwestern section of the Fire Realm, this area is more or less abandoned.

When Link travels to the Disorientation Station, he finds an Out-of-place Soldier from Hyrule Castle. The Hyrulean Soldier came to the region to find a legendary treasure with his friend, but they became separated. Link enters the structure the soldier stands outside of and finds the grave of the soldier's friend. The dead soldier inscribed a message on his grave informing his friend to return to Hyrule Castle. Link progresses further into the shelter to find the treasure: an Alchemy Stone. When the hero returns to the Out-of-place Soldier with the treasure, he informs him about his friend, and the soldier gives Link a big green Rupee as thanks for relaying the message. If Link does not read the tablet and speaks to the Out-of-place Soldier, he will state that he is going to wait in the station for his friend.

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