"Din... With her strong flaming arms, she cultivated the land and created the red earth."
Great Deku Tree

Din, the Goddess of Power, is a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series. She is one of the three Golden Goddesses of Hyrule. Din, along with her sisters Nayru and Farore, came down from the heavens and created Hyrule out of the chaos the land formerly was, each contributing her part in the process. Din, the Goddess of Power, formed the terrain of Hyrule. Upon departure, the three goddesses left the Triforce, the essence of their power, in the Sacred Realm. As the goddess of power, Din is closely associated with the Triforce of Power. Din is also the creator and deity of the Goron and Gerudo races of people and the "Mountain Goddess" and "Goddess of Sand" they worship is assumed to be Din herself.

The spell Din's Fire was named after her. The Oracle of Seasons, Din of Holodrum, is named after the Goddess of Power, as is her descendant who appears in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Din's Pearl, belonging to the Rito people, was also named after her, and said to have once belonged to her. Eldin Province, a province of Hyrule featuring volcanic mountains, is named in her honor. The Light Spirit, Eldin, and its spring were also named after her likeness. In addition, the dragon Eldin is named after the goddess. Her symbol is the Mark of Din. The earth god in "Earth God's Lyric" Medli learns from Link to restore the Master Sword is Din. In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Din's Flame was the final Sacred Flame which transformed the Goddess White Sword into the Master Sword.

Cultural Titles Among the Races

Goddess of Power

Among most Hyrulean races, Din is known as the Goddess of Power and is associated with the Triforce of Power. In Breath of the Wild, Triforce symbols on the Temple of Time and Sacred Ground Ruins even feature the Mark of Din on the triangle that represents the Triforce of Power. Din is associated with powerful natural forces such as fire and earth as she used her strong flaming arms to cultivate the land creating red Earth. As a result she can also be associated with volcanism, geological activity, and heat. The Earth Temples in The Wind Waker and Skyward Sword are apparently associated with Din along with the Fire Temple and Fire Sanctuary. Several divine Dragons have been associated with Din including Valoo, Eldin, and Dinraal all of whom are powerful dragons associated with fire like Din herself. As a virtue power is something often sought though unfortunately people tend to be corrupted by it or seek to acquire more of it as exemplified by Ganondorf/Ganon. Additionally evil entities such as Demise relish power with the god-like Demon King seeking to acquire the Triforce despite being powerful enough that not even a powerful Goddess like Hylia could slay him forcing her to seal him away instead and upon defeat by her chosen hero cast a powerful curse that doomed Hyrule to be plagued by a reincarnation of Demise's Hatred which is implied to have resulted in Ganondorf/Ganon and ultimately the source of the Great King of Evil's power (as Ganondorf was a powerful warlock before he even obtained the Triforce of Power and possessed the ability to curse powerful entities such as the Great Deku Tree and Lord Jabu-Jabu) and even his cycle of resurrections. Ganondorf similarly was not satisfied with just the Triforce of Power and conquering much of Hyrule as he sought to acquire the complete Triforce as Demise himself had originally sought to do. This destructive aspect of power is also symbolically represented by fire and earth through volcanism and fire's destructive properties. However Din is associated with destructive forces that can create as well as destroy. Din is long associated with the Gorons and the Gerudo as both races are associated with hot areas and areas of geological activity such as mountains/volcanos and deserts both of which are harsh environments to life in. She is also associated with the Rito who are known to dwell in mountainous areas and have a history as mountain climbers as Rito climb Dragon Roost Mountain to acquire a scale from Valoo to grow wings. In Breath of the Wild, the bird-like Rito are noted to retain their climbing skills presumably for situations and conditions where flying is too dangerous as they have since evolved prehensile arm-like wings. Gorons have a long history of using there innate strength for mining and blacksmithing. Their forging tools and equipment through blacksmithing also resembles Din's creation of earth as both involve using fire to shape and create. As they eat rocks, Din is an important deity to the Gorons as she is responsible for the creation of the land and associated with geological forces that play a vital role in their lives. Hyrulean geology is extremely powerful force with Death Mountain's geology even being sensitive to evil forces. It is implied Hyrule's constantly changing geography is due to its unique divinely influenced geology which is presumably influenced by her creation of the land and the dragon deities tied to her like Valoo, Eldin, and Dinral who live in volcanically active regions.

As Gemstones and Rupees are produced from Ore Deposits and Rupee Ore by Hyrulean geology, fittingly Din can also be associated with money and wealth, a powerful aspect in daily life in Hyrule that can also be corruptive. Din's association with money and treasure is represented by the Earth dwelling and treasure hunting Mogma who like Gorons are capable miners who live in a volcanic region. Treasure is often hidden in caves, alcoves, or underground while Rupees, precious metals, and gemstones come from the earth. The Gerudo likewise were depicted as thieves with Ganondorf being the King of Thieves which is exemplified by his clever bypassing the barriers barring access to the Sacred Realm to acquire the Triforce though due to power hungry nature he only acquired the Triforce of Power which began his long association with Din and her piece of the Triforce. Like the pursuit of power, greed can be a corruptive influence with the Fabulously Rich Family and Jovani being cursed as a result of their greed though thanks to the kindness of their era's incarnation of Link they are freed of their curse rewarding Link handsomely for doing so. Link often utilizes his power and wealth accumulated over the course of his adventures to help others which contrasts with Demise and Ganondorf/Ganon who use their power selflessly and Ganondorf does nothing to help his people even after conquering Hyrule even resorting to having Koume and Kotake brainwash Nabooru who saw Ganondorf for the evil person he was. Some monsters like Rupee Likes and Treasure Octoroks prey on people's greed using the lure of Rupees or treasure. Rupoors are considered to be among the evilest items in all of Hyrule due to their ability to drain Wallets of Rupees upon being picked up. However some monsters and Demons have a business mindset and will engage in trade occasionally as exemplified by Business Scrubs, Horned Statue, and Rats in The Wind Waker. Additionally the Secret Moblin is well-known for being generous with money and giving Rupees to Link in exchange for keeping it a secret showing not all monsters are evil or greedy. Gorons have a long history as merchants, mini-game proprietors, and often engage in various business ventures usually tourism, shopkeeping, and mining. Tourism is often centered around Hot Springs which are the result of geological activity. However Gorons are not greedy and tend to work hard to make a living or make an honest living providing goods and services to Gorons and other races thus they demonstrate the positive effects of wealth and the economic value of labor. The Goron Elders in Twilight Princess even raise money and develop a business plan alongside Malo in order to complete with and ultimately purchase Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium and turn it into Malo Mart's Castle Town Branch store to put an end to its outrageous prices and snobbish elitism transforming the shop from a shop that catered only to the wealthy into a friendly and hip shopping mart showing Gorons are responsible businessmen who value paying customers from all walks of life whether rich or poor. The Gerudo in Breath of the Wild are shown to have given up thievery and openly trade with other races of both genders at Kara Kara Bazaar and with Hyrulean women of all races (save for Zora due to the dry desert being mostly inhospitable to their kind) in Gerudo Town as men are not allowed to legally enter Gerudo Town, though they can enter illegally by disguising themselves and passing for female. Despite the law, Gerudo Town is a major hub of trade in Gerudo Desert and its women's only policy actually draws men and women to Gerudo Town which benefits Kara Kara Bazaar as most male merchants are forced to trade there and is a place where Gerudo women and Hylian men can mingle. Female tourism to Gerudo Town is welcomed and non-Gerudo female merchants are permitted to sell men's clothing to local merchants despite it being illegal for Gerudo to sell men's clothing though unisex and women's clothing are permitted with the black market Gerudo Secret Club providing said men's clothing illegally. The Gerudo often use gold and gemstones to craft equipment from armaments to clothing and some engage in the jewel trade. The Rito also engage in trade and tourism to Rito Village is an important part of their economy and Rubies are used to craft warm clothing for Hylians. Their ability to fly means Rito do not rely on land based trade routes thus travelling Rito merchants apparently do not exist. All three races are depicted as utilizing their wealth positively and are prosperous though their respective Divine Beasts cause some economic hardships. Hyrulean geology plays a vital role in the formation of Ore Deposits. Gemstones and Rupees can also occasionally be found by lifting rocks. Selling gemstones is a useful way to acquire Rupees. Rupees are also used as offerings to Great Fairies and Malanya who require said offerings to restore their power and Link's generosity is rewarded through powerful services they provide such upgrading armor or reviving slain registered horses. Thus money and wealth are a powerful force in Hyrulean society however the Yiga Clan and bandits like Misko engage in thievery though most Hylians are honest scavengers and treasure hunters who explore old ruins searching for valuables and relics braving dangers such as monsters, harsh environments, and exploding unknown territory. However it is a dangerous occupation with the most experienced being familiar with the danger and mindful of the risks involved. Economic trade is important aspect of Hyrulean society even a century after the Great Calamity with many merchants travelling around peddling various wares to fellow travelers though they face the same dangers as other travelers. Additionally while gambling at the Treasure Chest Shop is a popular past time among Lurelin Village fishermen, Hylians can fall prey to gambling addiction with Numar often requesting to borrow money promising to pay Link back ten times if he wins only to end up flat broke though his roommate Rozel warns Link to know when to quit which even the proprietor Cloyne admits is the mark of a good gambler. Research of ancient technology also requires money with Robbie and Purah forced to charge Link at times as their labs are both in need of research funding due to the fall of the Hyrulean monarchy a century prior cutting off their official source of funding.

While power and money can be corruptive influences, Link and Zelda are both depicted as powerful individuals who use their talents and abilities to help others and/or to combat evil forces. However their power is often tempered by their courage and/or wisdom. They are also depicted as being more balanced individuals as several incarnations have used the complete Triforce without it splitting due to an imbalanced heart. During his quest for the Sacred Flames, the Hero of the Sky with help from the Mogma successfully navigated the Fire Sanctuary and confronted Ghirahim who discovered the existence of the second Gate of Time through a mural in the sanctuary which ultimately lead to Link's confrontation with the revived Demise thus inadvertently Din is associated with the villain implied to be the source of the curse that gave raise to Ganondorf and ultimately the demonic Ganon. The Fire Sanctuary also symbolizes Din's association with fire, earth, wealth and the pursuit of it through the treasure hunting Mogma several of whom are captured while treasure hunting forcing Link to aid them being rewarded for doing so, and even the association that evil forces have with power as Ghirahim seeks the power of the Gate of Time to reach Zelda who escaped into the past. Link must also defeat Ghirahim to access Din's Flame which transforms the Goddess White Sword into the series' most iconic and a powerful weapon for combating the forces of evil, the Master Sword.

Certain incarnations of Dark Link may represent what Link might become if he became corrupted by his power implying that even he might be vulnerable to falling to greed or a lust for power with overcoming Dark Link presumably representing Link resisting and overcoming his darker impulses to utilize his power and strength only for good and the benefit of others. Thus using power responsibly is key element of said virtue otherwise one's power can become a evil and destructive force as exemplifed by Ganondorf and his transformation into the evil Ganon who has brought calamity after calamity to Hyrule to the point he eventually became known as Calamity Ganon or simply The Calamity by the time of Breath of the Wild. Calamity Ganon's corruption of the Divine Beasts and Guardians to take control of these powerful weapons is another example of Ganon's destructive lust for power as these corrupted ancient weapons brought about the Great Calamity in Hyrule which Link and Zelda barely survived with most of Hyrule and its central government being decimated taking a century to fully recover. However the Sheikah, Champions, and Link himself utilizes the power of ancient technology in Hyrule's defense to combat Ganon who it was originally created to combat 10,000 years prior. However the technology was lost after it was first used successfully against Ganon as the people of Hyrule feared its misuse to the point of ostracizing the Sheikah from Hyrulean society until they chose to heed the people's fears and bury their technology to be used in the event Ganon returned. However this gave rise to the Yiga Clan made of Sheikah who resented their mistreatment despite having created the technology for Hyrule's benefit and defense to the point it drove them to swear loyalty to Ganon. However knowledge of said technology was lost or became obscured over time thus the Royal Family and its allies had to scramble to excavate and research the technology unaware Ganon had learned from his past defeat and planned to turn his enemies' weapons against them like Ganondorf's use of the Sword of the Six Sages or his manipulations of the Hero of Time. While the people's fears were well founded they failed to come upon with an alternative way to defeat Calamity Ganon in the future and the decision to bury the ancient technology as a result of the fears concerning such powerful technology contributed largely to the Great Calamity along with Zelda's struggle to awaken the hereditary divine sealing powers inherited from her grandmother thus the power of lost technology and the lack of it contributed to the Great Calamity though ultimately Zelda's power miraculously awoke after selflessly shieding an exhausted Link from an attacking Guardian and it was the power of ancient medical technology that saved Link from dying from his injuries and ultimately recover again showing the positive and negative sides of power represented by the power of advanced ancient technology as while it can be used achieved great things its misuse can lead to calamity and ruin though technology itself is neither inherently good or evil as it can be utilized by both. Thus while Din may be associated with evil forces that often seek power, power its is not evil and can be virtuous if used responsibly as demonstrated by various incarnations of Link who utilizes his power, strength, and wealth to defend the land and help others.

Goddess of the Sand

It is speculated that Din is the Goddess of the Sand that the Gerudo worship. Some evidence supporting this theory is that Farore is the "Goddess of Wind" spoken of in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Nayru could supposedly be the "Goddess of Time" spoken of in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. (Note, Farore could also be the goddess of time, as Ciela is the spirit of courage and time in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and Farore is definitely the goddess of courage. Also, the mark of Nayru is on the Isle of Gust in the same game, so she would most likely be the goddess of wind (also, wind tends to be associated with sand). One contradiction, though, is that Lanayru in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, has an abundance of Timeshift Stones though Lanayru was once a very fertile land and the Lanayru Sand Sea was once a sea of water with the desert conditions being more recent thus explaining the apparent contradiction. The Arbiter's Grounds in Twilight Princess contain statues resembling the Goddess of Sand, holding flames; fire is often closely associated with Din. She would also be indirectly connected to the Gerudo tribe through Ganondorf's Triforce of Power. However, some contradictions to this theory include Din's Fire being found outside Hyrule Castle, while Nayru's Love is found at the Desert Colossus near the Gerudo's home however the locations the spells are all contradictory as Farore's Wind is obtained in Zora's Fountain and where they are found may have little to do with the Goddess and more to do with the Great Fairies entrusted with them as Great Fairies in Ocarina of Time are known to be somewhat eccentric. Furthermore, the idea that Nayru is the Goddess of Time and Farore is the Goddess of Wind is only speculation. A further refute is that in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Lanayru Desert is named after Nayru and not Din, however it is likely due to the province being named after the Lightning Dragon Lanayru who protected the region in the past before it became a desert. The region could have just retained the name as it was a cliff and sea area before. Lanayru is named after Nayru just as the Dragon Eldin is named after Din.

Mountain Goddess

Din is the Mountain Goddess from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Din is known for creating the earth and its features, which would include mountains. However, the Mountain Goddess has never been mentioned in any games other than Spirit Tracks, by the Gorons or any other race. Also, the eruptions believed to be caused by the Mountain Goddess were in reality caused by Cragma.


Din transformed the Zora into Rito

It could be that Din is who turned the Zora into the Rito as the Rito live in a fiery climate and represent more earth and sky themes than Nayru's water and ice themes. This is why they keep the Din's Pearl and Medli becomes an Earth Sage. However Laruto is a Zora and is also an Earth Sage.

Hyrule's Goddess of Victory

Din could possibly be the goddess of victory and war. Her statue in the Wind Waker bears wings similar to the goddess Nike from Greek mythology and is themed similar to Athena as well, and since Nayru's statue bears fins (water/sea) and Farore's bears flowers (wind/nature) it could make sense, as well as Gorons and Gerudo worshipping her (very war and strength oriented races).

Goddess of Death

Din could be a goddess of the dead, since the Earth Temple (The Wind Waker) is similar to the Shadow Temple layout-wise and Din is the Goddess of Earth.

Non-Canon References

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Hyrule Warriors/Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends Rito Harp Din's Harp (Level 3 Rito Harp)

Din's Harp appears as Medli's Level 3 Rito Harp. She also has a Level 4 weapon called Din's Harp + which is a stronger version of her Level 3 weapon.

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