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Din's Pearl is an Item in The Wind Waker.[1]

Location and Uses

Din's Pearl, named after Din, the Golden Goddess, is the first of three Goddess Pearls that Link obtains. It is a precious possession of Komali, as it was given to him by his deceased grandmother.[2] Komali wanted to visit Valoo and get the scale needed to grow his wings; however, Valoo was acting up at the time, upsetting Komali.[3][4] Link, with assistance from Medli, manages to defeat Gohma and calm Valoo down. Komali feels that giving the Pearl to Link would give him courage, and thus decides to give it to Link.[5] Link later places the Pearl on Northern Triangle Island to make the Tower of the Gods rise from the Great Sea.


  • An unused sprite for Din's Pearl can be found in the data of The Minish Cap.


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