Dila Maag Shrine

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Dila Maag Shrine
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The Dila Maag Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Dila Maag's Blessing,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

Dila Maag Shrine is found by completing the Shrine Quest, "The Desert Labyrinth". Link must navigate through the South Lomei Labyrinth in the southeast Gerudo Highlands to finish the Quest and find the Ancient Shrine. As Link enters the Shrine, he is greeted by the Shrine's Monk, Dila Maag, who states that merely being able to enter the Shrine is proof of Link's worth.[2]

Themes and Navigation

Dila Maag Shrine features no puzzles, simply a direct path to Dila Maag. Along this path is a Treasure Chest containing the Barbarian Armor. As Link approaches Dila Maag, the Monk will give Link a Spirit Orb for reaching the Shrine,[3] and will wish Link well before fading away.[4]



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