Dig Caverns are locations from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Similar to Hidden Holes from past games, Dig Caverns are underground caves that house treasures for Link to find. A total of sixteen Dig Caverns can be found throughout the land of Hyrule. As their name implies, they can only be accessed when Wolf Link digs in the right spot. To make them easier to find, Dig Caverns appear as large, black, glistening splotches on the ground when Wolf Link is using his senses; also, there is often a ring of rocks or grass patches situated around the entrance to a cavern, making them easy to detect even in Link's Hylian form. Once inside a Dig Cavern, Link must fight a number of various enemies; when all of them have successfully been defeated, a Treasure Chest appears. The Treasure Chests often contain Pieces of Heart or Rupees.

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