"A luxurious headpiece sold at Gerudo jewelry shops. It's decorated with a diamond, which harnesses the power of light to reduce damage received from ancient enemies."
— In-game description

The Diamond Circlet is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is jewelry that can be worn as head armor and reduces damage received from Guardians. Link can purchase it from Starlight Memories at Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert region, or find it in a Treasure Chest of the Lomei Labyrinth Island in the Akkala Sea region. Upon taking it from inside the Lomei Labyrinth, a large number of nearby Decayed Guardians become active, which can quickly kill Link unless he makes a quick escape or is well-equipped with healing items and protective gear.

The Diamond Circlet is tied with the Soldier's Helm, Amber Earrings, Ancient Helm and Cap of the Wild for having the highest defense among headwear, but it has the added benefit of guardian resistance. It is functionally inferior to the Ancient Helm, which provides the same guardian resistance on top of ancient weapon proficiency when upgraded and used in a set. The Diamond Circlet is arguably easier to obtain than the Ancient Helm, being found in a chest rather than purchased at a steep price, but it requires large amounts of diamonds to upgrade.


Level Armor Buy Sell Effect
Basic 4 1,500

w/ Diamond (x3)

375 Guardian Resist Up
7 N/A 630 Guardian Resist Up
★★ 12 N/A 1,135 Guardian Resist Up
★★★ 18 N/A 1,960 Guardian Resist Up
★★★★ 28 N/A 3,285 Guardian Resist Up


It can be enhanced by the Great Fairies.

Level Armor Effect Materials
Basic 4 Guardian Resist Up
7 Guardian Resist Up
  • Diamond Circlet (x1)
  • Diamond (x2)
  • Flint (x3)
★★ 12 Guardian Resist Up
  • Diamond Circlet (x1)
  • Diamond (x4)
  • Flint (x3)
★★★ 18 Guardian Resist Up
★★★★ 28 Guardian Resist Up
  • Diamond Circlet (x1)
  • Diamond (x10)
  • Star Fragment (x1)

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