"The most precious gem one can find in Hyrule, its signature sparkle has charmed Hyruleans for generations. As such, it has sold for a very high price since ancient times."
— In-game description

Diamonds are items from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are rare gemstones which can be obtained rare Ore Deposits, from the side quest "Luminous Stone Gathering", or dropped by Talus mini-bosses and all Silver Bokoblin, Moblin, Lizalfos, Lynel enemies variants. Link can craft equipment with them, in particular, reforging the signature armaments of the four champions (also using similar equipment and 5 pieces of flint in the reconstruction) and the Diamond Circlet (to craft and purchase). They can be sold for 500 Rupees. Although diamonds are the only gemstone not mentioned to harness a special elemental ability, the Diamond Circlet's effect implies that diamonds possibly harness the same power that guardians use in their weaponry or more likely its innate hardness imbues the Diamond Circlet with the defensive strength to withstand Guardian weaponry.

Diamonds under Rocks

On Satori Mountain there is a specific rock that Diamonds spawn under when lifted. Link can leave the area and comeback which causes a new Diamond to spawn under said rock. Upon finding this specific rock Link should mark its location on the map for future reference. This rock is a useful way to acquire Diamonds for crafting and upgrading. Other rocks in certain locations have a random chance of Diamonds being found when said rock is lifted though Link also has a higher chance of receiving a different gemstone as Diamonds have lower chances of appearing. The rock on Satori Mountain is the only one that yields Diamonds consecutively.

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