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Dials are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name reference needed]

Location and Uses[]

Dials appear in certain Dungeons as a Puzzle element. At any time, they will either have a "left" or "right" direction stored. When "left" is stored, a Dial will be orange. When "right" is stored, a Dial will be blue. Should Link step into a Dial, it will rotate 90 degrees in the stored direction and change which one it has stored. This often leaves Link on a different path than the one he started on. Manipulation of Dials allows Link to progress further into the Dungeon.

Oracle of Seasons[]

Dials appear in the Snake's Remains, in the Ancient Ruins, and in the Dial Room in the Sword & Shield Maze.

Oracle of Ages[]

Dials appear in the Moonlit Grotto, in both the present and past versions of the Mermaid's Cave, and in the Ancient Tomb.


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