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Destroy Ganondorf
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Quest Giver Purah
Location [[*Lookout Landing
Reward Game Completed
Previous Quest
"Find the Fifth Sage"

"Destroy Ganondorf" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


After reawakening the five sages and regaining the Master Sword, Link has prepared everything for the confrontation against Ganondorf, the Demon King. The whereabouts of Ganondorf were still unknown, but Purah suspected he could be in The Depths. She suggested talking to Josha to indicate his location.

After his investigation in The Depths with Josha's guidance,[note 1] Link disclosed that Ganondorf is located deep within the depths under Hyrule Castle.[1] With the path clear, Link heads into the Depths of Hyrule Castle.

Regardless, or unless otherwise, Link entered the chasm of Hyrule Castle, descends into a dark ruin surrounded by Gloom to reach Ganondorf. On the way, he faces treacherous depths and gloom-ridden monsters roaming the catacombs. As he delves deeper, the avatar of the Sages are unable to maintain their form with Link.[2] Eventually, Link reaches a familiar place and eventually, the place where the Imprisoning Chamber once was. From there is another chasm; diving into it lead Link down into a red rooted lair covered in gloom. When he lands, Link is ambushed by a whole army of monsters. After he defeats the armada, Link is faced by large servants of Ganondorf — Colgera, Marbled Gohma, Mucktorok, Queen Gibdo, and Seized Construct. Once he defeated them all, the path to the core of the lair opens.

If Link awakened all the five sages[3]Tulin,[4] Yunobo,[5] Sidon,[6] Riju,[7] and Mineru,[8] will all arrive as backup to face against the Demon King's Army. After defeating the army altogether, the Sages will face against the servants of the Demon King in Link's place,[9][10] which allowed him to head into the core of the lair while the entire place crumbled under rocks.[11]

Link finally reached Ganondorf, waiting inside his lair. Dismayed that Link — and the light — remains,[12] Ganondorf regenerates to his normal form and affirms to rid Link himself.[13] Link prepares to fight Ganondorf — If Link has obtained the Master Sword, he unsheathes it and points at Ganondorf, gleaming with purifying light. The two engaged, with Link gaining the upper hand.

Impressed by Link's fighting, Ganondorf empowers himself with his Secret Stone to fight at full strength.[14] He then summons dark aparations of himself to surround Link — If any of the Sages have awakened, Link's companions will catch up to him[15][16][17][18][19] to distract the aparations for him. In the heat of battle, Ganon absorbed his aparations — unleashed a shockwave which knocked out Link's companions if present — and began to riptose Link's attacks. In the end, Link defeats Ganondorf.

However, Ganondorf refuses to yield[20] — he took his Secret Stone in his hands and consumed it,[21] infusing him with immeasurable power and transformed into the Demon Dragon. It grabbed Link and escaped the lair — leaving the Sages, if present, behind.[22]

The Demon Dragon rose above Hyrule Castle and high into the sky, while Link is trapped in the dragon's jaws. In the midst, a bright white dragon — the Light Dragon — charged the Demon Dragon, flinching it and allowing Link to escape. He lands on top of the Light Dragon's head. Unsheathing the Master Sword for the second time, the duo prepare to battle the Demon Dragon. After weakening the Demon Dragon, Link dives onto the Demon Dragon's head at full speed and impaled its Secret Stone with the Master Sword — shattering it into pieces and vanquishing the Demon Dragon.

Link falls, but he is caught one last time by the Light Dragon. They flew past by the vanquished Demon Dragon, and watched its final moments as it explodes into a massive pillar of light, ending the calamity which threatened Hyrule for countless millenia.


Stage Description
1 Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning, and Spirit. The five sages have awakened and entrusted you with their power. You still don't know where Demon King Ganondorf is, but Purah says she suspects the Depths. If you work with Josha, who has been investigating the Depths, you might gain a lead.
2 Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning, and Spirit. The five sages have awakened and entrusted you with their power. You also determined the Demon King's location during The Depths investigation.

All that's left now is to head to the deepest area of the Depths beneath Hyrule Castle and defeat Demon King Ganondorf.
Complete -N/A-


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  1. This is closely related to the side quest, Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan. As the prior quest progresses, Josha will update more locations of interests until the quest completes and Link obtains the location of Ganondorf.


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