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Desma's Labyrinth is the fifth dungeon in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Located within Mount Desma on the Third Continent, Desma's Labyrinth is a very dangerous place. After Tingle arrives on Mount Desma, he finds that King Desma, chief of the Yamatami Tribe, is under a curse by Uncle Rupee. To break this curse, the chief's daughter, Mamba, encourages Tingle to enter the labyrinth and slay the monster within. Tingle agrees to do so, and once inside, finds that Desma's Labyrinth is a sweltering place where lava flows through the various chambers. Despite this, Tingle eventually makes his way to the boss' chamber and slays the dragon, Dora Dora. When he does this, King Desma returns to normal and constructs a statue of Tingle, who the Yamatami consider their new god.


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Because many believe that Mount Desma is Death Mountain, it is possible that Desma's Labyrinth is the Fire Temple. This seems plausible due to the similarities between the two. Also, Dora Dora bears resemblance to Volvagia, the boss of the Fire Temple.

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