This page is about the stage from Four Swords Adventures. For the level from Four Swords Adventures, see The Desert of Doubt.

The Desert of Doubt is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This dungeon is the first stage of the The Desert of Doubt, the game's sixth level. The stage begins in a small Gerudo Village. They inform Link that Ganondorf took off into the desert to find the Trident of Power. After talking to the elder, Link is allowed into the desert but is warned that few have survived it. A tablet in the first pyramid informs Link that in order to navigate the desert, he must walk in a direction opposing the wind. If Link becomes lost, Ganondorf will laugh, and Link will be placed back in the Gerudo camp.

After navigating the first part of the desert, Link arrives at a small Zuna camp. They welcome him and tell him of the nearby Pyramid. After venturing in the desert a while longer, Link must face four Shadow Links before facing off against a Base Creature of Magic. Once he is defeated, the soul of the Red Knight is freed and Link gains the Red Jewel. After breaking the Vaati Barriers, Link continues to the Desert Temple.

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