For the temple in Spirit Tracks, see Sand Temple.
"The Desert Temple was built to keep people away from the pyramid."

The Desert Temple is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This dungeon is the second stage of the The Desert of Doubt, the game's sixth level. When the Links enters the temple, it is covered in large blocks until they travel east and activates the switch, after which most of the temple's floor turns to sand. Additionally, the Magic Hammer appears, allowing them to defeat the enemies in the room to his west.

Desert Temple (Four Swords Adventures)

The Desert Temple

With the blocks gone, the Links can now move the Armos Statues blocking the door. Four of the statues will come to life if Link comes too close to them. The rest of the temple is filled mostly with Anti-Fairies, Beamos, Eyegores and other stationary Armos Statues. Soon after, the Links will find the Hero's Bow, which will allow them to defeat the Eyegores.

Near the end of the stage, the Links makes a brief detour outside and re-enters further west. There, they must fight a Gohma followed by four Shadow Links. They serve as the final enemy of the stage. Once they are defeated, the Links exits out the north of the temple, breaks the Vaati Barriers and enters the Pyramid.

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