Unofficial Name

"Ahoy! When I was searching the desert for the bell, I got caught in a sandstorm. I awoke like this! I can't go on to the afterlife... If ya pity me, help me find that bell! Me skull is rollin' out in the desert. Find that first."
— Desert Piratian

The Desert Piratian is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. As his name implies, he is a Piratian found within the Samasa Desert. Prior to the events of the game, he was sent to find Cap'n's bell, which was lost in the desert. However, while searching, he was caught in a sandstorm and was killed.

Dropping the Desert Piratian's skull may result in humorous dialogue; his response varies on whether he is dropped on sand, into water, or into a sand pit.


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During the events of the game, Cap'n sends Link to search for his bell. While searching, he finds the Desert Piratian's ghost. He tells Link to find his skull, located in the northeast corner of the desert. Link must then grab the skull with the Power Bracelet and carry it around the desert. When the Desert Piratian senses the bell is nearby, he begins yelling to notify Link. Once the bell is found, the Desert Piratian vanishes, presumably to the afterlife. If Link returns to the desert later, however, the skull can still be found and picked up. The Piratian claims that he is, in fact, not sure how to pass on to the afterlife.

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