The Desert Colossus (巨大邪神像 Kyodai Jashinzō, Colossal False Idol) is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is located in Western Hyrule, on the far side of the Haunted Wasteland. Interestingly, the Desert Colossus is a secluded part of the desert that is not nearly as volatile as the surrounding Wasteland. It is home to an oasis and a giant statue of the Gerudo Goddess of the Sand carved into a cliff, serving as the Spirit Temple, Ganondorf's former headquarters.

Leevers and Guays inhabit this area. If enough small green Leevers are killed by Link here, a large, purple one will appear. If this Leever is defeated before it submerges itself in the sand again, a large amount of Rupees will drop from it. The same applies to the Guays, although it must be done at night.


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To locate the Desert Colossus, Link must first pass the trials of the Haunted Wasteland. The first trial is the River of Sand; Link cannot walk across this river normally. Instead he must use the Hover Boots or the Longshot to get across. After this, Link must pass through the sandstorm by following the flags set up for him. Eventually, he will reach a stone monument. Once he scales the structure, he finds a stone tablet that reveals the next challenge: the Phantom Guide. Link must use the Lens of Truth to find a Poe, who guides him through the Wasteland and to the Desert Colossus.

Once there, Link enters the Spirit Temple, the focal point of the Desert Colossus. Once inside, however, he finds that he cannot successfully venture further than the first chamber. Upon leaving the Temple, Sheik appears. This meeting consists of Link being taught the "Requiem of Spirit," allowing him to return to the Desert Colossus by playing the song. Once he has learned the song, Link must travel back to the Temple of Time and return to his childhood. By playing the "Requiem of Spirit" after this, he can successfully travel to the Desert Colossus and proceed into the Spirit Temple.

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Points of interest


The "Song of Storms" can be played on the rock near the dried up watering hole in order to fill it with water, thus creating a Fairy Fountain. The fountain drains itself after Link leaves the Desert Colossus, requiring Link to refill it every time he wishes to use it.

Weak Wall

A Great Fairy Fountain is also located behind a breakable wall in the northern section of the Colossus. This fountain serves as the home of the Great Fairy of Magic, who, upon being summoned, grants Link the Nayru's Love spell. A Piece of Heart can also be found atop a stone archway, which can be accessed via a Magic Bean.


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