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The Desert is never seen in the book
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The Desert is a location featured in The Crystal Trap. When Princess Zelda reaches the Pillar Crossroads, she will have a choice between taking the desert, forest, or swamp path.

If Zelda chooses the desert, she will eventually reach the end of her path only to see a sea of dunes in front of her and think that she should keep going in the direction that the path was going. However, just then, she sees a palace to the far right, and reconsiders her decision. By deciding to go in the direction of the palace, she will accidentally step on a hollow surfaced, which housed a Gohma, although she promptly defeats it with her bow and arrows. At this point, Zelda can once again reconsider her decision and pick whether she should keep heading in the palace's direction or go back and try to look for the path she was taking before.

Heading in the direction of the palace will cause Zelda to find a temple's ruins housing a Large Brass Key. Thirsty and tired by now, if Zelda once again chooses to follow the palace's direction, she will eventually stumble and fall, and once she looks up, she will realize that the palace is gone and that it was only a mirage. However, if Zelda chose to head back to the path that she was taking before, she will eventually arrive to the Iron Door, now far away from the desert.


  • Although Zelda states at one point that she think she is in the Tantari Desert, it is never really confirmed what the name of the desert is.