Derazoru (デラゾル Dera Zoru?), also known as the Ice Monster, is the boss of Talus Cave, the second stage in The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords.


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Derazoru is found encased in ice as the battle begins. Not until one of the four Links runs into it with the Pegasus Boots does it awaken and begin to attack. The boss then begins to bounce randomly around the room in an attempt to crush the Links. They must dash into it with the Pegasus Boots to knock it off balance, and then continue ramming it, eventually forcing it to touch the ice wall and refreeze. While frozen, it becomes vulnerable to the Four Sword.

After taking enough damage, Derazoru reverts to a smaller creature with four bubble-like appendages on each side of it. Links can damage only the bubble that corresponds with their tunic, and each player sees another player's correct bubble. After Derazoru has been damaged enough, it will die, and the portal will open to the Great Fairy of Ice.

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Derazoru Silver Key (Four Swords)

Derazoru Silver Key (Four Swords)

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