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Marot (Granddaughter)[1]

Dento is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Dento is a Zora can be found at his workshop, the Hammerhead, which is located in Marot Mart in Zora's Domain. According to the History of the Zora, Part Four, he made the Lightscale Trident for Mipha when she was born.[3] He is the one who repaired the Lightscale Trident.[4]

Like all elder Zora, Dento is initially hostile and untrusting towards Link due to the loss of Mipha.[5] When Link speaks to him, Dento is short and curt with his answers.[6] [7][8] Eventually, his annoyance at Link becomes too much, saying there's no reason for him to be there without the Lightscale Trident and to leave.[9]

After Divine Beast Vah Ruta is calmed, Dento will be relieved that Mipha can rest in peace.[10] He offers to repair both the Lightscale Trident and the Ceremonial Trident if Link ever breaks them.[11] Repairing the Lightscale Trident costs a Zora Spear, a Diamond, and five pieces of Flint.[12][13] A new Ceremonial Trident can be made from a Zora Spear and five pieces of Flint.[14][15]


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