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The Demon Mask is an item from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. This mask belongs to the evil monster Baron.

After Baron killed many men, the families of these victims sided together, and a manhunt to kill Baron ensued. Because of this, the creature went into hiding in a secret cavern on Mount Desma. Here, he wore a mask to not only disguise himself, but also to gain strength from the mask's demonic power.

After Tingle and one of the three Drifter Bodyguards defeat Baron, the monster drops the Demon Mask. Tingle can sell the item to one of the three bodyguards for various amounts of Rupees in order to give Baron a proper burial. Ronny gives Tingle 23,000 Rupees, Yamori pays 20,000 Rupees, and Teddy Todo gives only 18,000 Rupees.

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