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Demons are a recurring race of monstrous beings that are usually of evil alignment in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] Although not all demons are evil, they still exude a dark aura that attracts monsters and radically changes the behavior of Animals.[2] They desire to have control over the world and thus constitute a significant threat to Hyrule and its people.

The terms "demon" and "monster" are sometimes used interchangeably, but generally demons are born from the source of evil while monsters are creatures corrupted by dark magic. Demons command and create evil, while monsters do its bidding.[1]



Skyward Sword[]

During the Era of the Goddess Hylia, the Demon race emerged from the earth, desiring the Triforce, originating from their leader Demise.[3][4] Demise desired to rule the world with the enormous power that the Triforce would grant.[5] Hylia protected the Triforce and took the surviving people to the sky, hiding the Triforce there as well.[5] Hylia and the remaining tribes on the surface fought against Demise and managed to seal him away;[5] however, the goddess knew the seal would not last, so she decided to extinguish Demise with the power of the Triforce.[5] However, gods cannot use the power of the Triforce, so she abandoned her status as god to be reborn as a human.[5]

When Hylia was eventually reincarnated as a human girl named Zelda, Demise's servant Ghirahim made himself the Demon Lord and set his plans to revive the Demon King in motion. Ghirahim sent demon hordes on the surface to locate Hylia's mortal incarnation.[6] Eventually Ghirahim succeeded in reviving Demise; however, Link defeated Demise and the demon race disappeared from the earth.[7]

The Minish Cap[]

During the Force Era, demons returned and almost covered the world in darkness. However, the Hero of Men used the Light Force and the Picori Blade to seal all the demons in a treasure chest, restoring peace.[8][9] Years later, seeking the Light Force, Vaati opened the treasure chest, accidentally unleashing the demons upon Hyrule once more.[10]

Ocarina of Time[]

In the Era of the Hero of Time, Ganondorf successfully infiltrated the Sacred Realm and took the Triforce of Power. As the Sacred Realm reflects the heart of the one who takes the Triforce, it became a dark world infested by demons.[11]

A Link to the Past[]

In the Era of Light and Dark, Agahnim used his powers to send people to the Dark World. Anyone sent there became a demon, except Link, who possessed the qualities of a hero and instead became a pink bunny (until he found the Moon Pearl, which allowed him to remain in human form in the Dark World).[12]

Oracle of Ages[]

At some point after the defeat of Agahnim, demons infested Labrynna, and attacked Impa shortly before Link awoke to help her.[13]

Link's Awakening[]

Demons also appeared in the Wind Fish's dream, and attempted to prevent Link from ending the dream by waking the Wind Fish.[14]

The Legend of Zelda[]

In the Era of Decline, following his resurrection, Ganon attacked the kingdom of Hyrule with his demon army and stole the Triforce of Power.[15][16]

The Adventure of Link[]

Although Link managed to defeat him, his followers remained in the area planning to resurrect their master by sacrificing Link and sprinkling his blood over the ashes of the Demon King.[17]

Twilight Princess[]

In the Twilight Era, Zant was given magical powers by Ganondorf, which he used to transform the Twili, the inhabitants of the Twilight Realm, into demons.[18] He used this army of demons to attack Hyrule.[19]

Four Swords Adventures[]

In the Shadow Era, a reincarnation of Ganondorf used the Dark Mirror to create demonic copies of Link, known as Shadow Links. If this mirror is used by an evil person, it reflects their heart and creates demons.[20] This new Ganondorf used the power of the Trident to turn the Knights of Hyrule into demons.[21] With the knights now demons and the Royal Jewels turned into gates to the Dark World, demons returned to Hyrule again.[22]

The Wind Waker[]

In the Era of the Great Sea, the Forsaken Fortress (known as the Demonic Beast Island in Japanese) served as Ganon's base, and was inhabited by many demons.[23]



It is possible for demons to turn into humans. In Skyward Sword, Gratitude Crystals can be used to turn Batreaux into a human.[24]

Likewise, humans can turn into demons. Ganondorf, originally a Gerudo, became the demon king after claiming the Triforce of Power during the events of Ocarina of Time.[25]

Anyone Agahnim sent to the Dark World became a demon, except Link, who possessed the qualities of a hero and instead became a pink bunny (until he found the Moon Pearl, which allowed him to remain in human form in the Dark World).[12]

The reincarnation of Ganondorf, also originally a Gerudo, became the demon king after claiming the Trident. This Ganondorf then turned the Knights of Hyrule into demons with the Trident's power.[21]

Other races can also become demons. Vaati, who was originally a Minish, became a demon after draining the Light Force.[26]

The Twili were turned into demons by Zant, using the magical powers bestowed upon him by Ganondorf.[18]


Demons have demonstrated the ability to possess other creatures. Both Ganon and Malladus have possessed Zelda; both have also demonstrated the ability to exist as a disembodied spirit. Bellum also possessed Linebeck; turning him into a giant Phantom.

Demon Kings[]

Demise, who had existed eternally,[3] was the origin of evil and the source of all monsters.[4] The Hyrule Historia references other demon kings that existed prior to Skyward Sword, meaning that there were more alongside Demise, prior to being wiped out during the ancient wars.[27][note 1]

Demise, Ganon, and Malladus have all held the title of demon king. Demon kings are generally depicted as requiring specialized weapons such as Silver Arrows to kill. Rather than getting killed, demon kings can be merely imprisoned. Due to the inability to permanently eliminate the demon king (due to the existence of resurrection) the title is seemingly retained after death.[17][28]

Notable Demons[]


SS Demise Render
Main article: Demise

Demise is the imprisoned demon king who was the origin of evil and all monsters.[3][4]


Ganon's humanoid pig form
Main article: Ganon

Ganon is a former Gerudo who turned into the demon king upon claiming the Triforce of Power in Ocarina of Time. Four Swords Adventures features another incarnation of Ganondorf[29] who became a demon king after obtaining a powerful Trident from the Pyramid. Ganondorf is confirmed to be a manifestation of Demise's hatred.[30][31]

In A Link Between Worlds, Yuga fuses with Ganon, taking on the form of Yuga Ganon.

Shadow Link[]

Main article: Shadow Link

Shadow Link is a demonic reflection of the Hero created from the Dark Mirror by Ganon.[32]


ST Malladus Concept Artwork
Malladus possessing Cole
Main article: Malladus

Malladus is an ancient demon king that terrorized the land that eventually became New Hyrule, so was locked away beneath the altar atop the Tower of Spirits by the Spirits of Good after a long war.

Demon Train[]

Main article: Demon Train

The Demon Train is a form of Malladus in Spirit Tracks, during a phase of the final battle with him.

Chancellor Cole[]

Cole Realization
Main article: Chancellor Cole

Chancellor Cole is a demonic servant to Malladus who posed as a human to gain influence in the court of New Hyrule.


ST Skeldritch Model
Main article: Skeldritch

Skeldritch is an ancient skeletal Demon that resides in the Sand Temple.


SS Ghirahim Artwork
Main article: Ghirahim

Ghirahim is a Sword Spirit and demon lord who is posing as a human.

Majora's Wrath[]

Majora's Wrath 2
Main article: Majora's Wrath

Majora's Wrath, the final form of the being that inhabits Majora's Mask, is a Demon.


PH Bellum Artwork
Main article: Bellum

Bellum is a squid-like phantom Demon that attempts to drain Life Force.


FSA Vaati Animation
Main article: Vaati

Vaati is a Minish that became a Demon after draining the Light Force.


SS Batreaux Model
Main article: Batreaux

Batreaux is a Demon who wishes to be Human so that he does not scare people. With Link's Gratitude Crystals, he is able to turn into a human.


OoS Vire Artwork
Main article: Vire

A Vire is a Demon composed of multiple Keese.

Other Appearances[]

Boomarang Demon

Hyrule Warriors[]

Ganon, Ghirahim, and The Imprisoned are Demons that appear in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland[]

Main article: Uncle Rupee
Uncle Rupee

Uncle Rupee is a Rupee-shaped Demon that appears in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland that turns people into Tingles and promises he will allow them into Rupeeland, a supposed paradise, if they gather him enough Rupees.

The Crystal Trap[]

Boomerang Demons appear in The Crystal Trap, dwelling beneath Midoro Palace.

Four Swords (Himekawa)[]

In the Four Swords manga by Akira Himekawa, many Demons appear, the manga also refers to Stalfos, Moldorms, several dragon creatures, and the Big Poe as Demons.


  1. Japanese nouns can generally be used to refer to both singular and plural subjects, so it is possible that the original author was referring only to a single demon king in a single ancient war, namely, Demise in the Ancient Battle. Or as Encyclopedia notes, Demise's various appearances change from era to era.


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