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Deku Village is a location in Cadence of Hyrule.[1] It is the starting area for Symphony of the Mask and is accessible in other Modes through the dirt behind Cadence in the Lost Woods cave.

Features and Overview

The village is ruled by the Deku King.[2] The southeast house contains a chest with either the Lute or three Diamonds, depending on whether it was Skull Kid or another character that began inside. The large central building houses the Deku King, and the southwestern building contains the Deku Shooting Gallery. In Symphony of the Mask, there is a wall of trees to the south preventing exit until obtaining Mask Magic and hitting the switch in the southwest.[3]


  • When starting Symphony of the Mask, it will be raining and continue to rain until after obtaining the Skull Mask and speaking to the Great Deku Tree. If Deku Village is first encountered in a different Mode, however, it will already be sunny.
    • It is possible to obtain Mask Magic and keep the Deku Village in a rain state. By avoiding speaking with the Great Deku Tree after obtaining the Skull Mask, the Petal Trimmer can still be found and given to the Deku King in exchange for Mask Magic.


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