"As a sign of our gratitude, we Deku have prepared something that we think may assist you. I will lead you to it. From here, the pathways are dark and can be quite treacherous... Please follow closely and do not get separated from me."
Deku Butler

The Deku Shrine is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Located to the left side of the Deku Palace entrance, the Deku Shrine is a massive maze-like cavern consisting mostly of narrow and darkly lit passages. A number of Mad Scrubs can be found in the shrine, though unlike the Mad Scrubs who guard other areas, these are not aggressive and simply watch Link pass by.

Link must race the Deku Butler through the Deku Shrine in order to obtain a reward given to him by the Deku King for rescuing the Deku Princess from Odolwa. Not only must Link keep up with the floating Deku Butler in order to find his way through the maze, but he must also avoid getting stuck behind, as the doors will close behind the Deku Butler if he is not quick enough; this will reset the race. There are also multiple traps and chasms that must be avoided. When Link has completed the race, the Deku Butler apologizes for the difficult pace and gives him the Mask of Scents. If Link completes the race again, he will be awarded with a Purple Rupee.

Since the Deku Butler remarks that his son disappeared, it is believed by many that he got lost in the maze while racing, and somehow ended up in the tunnels beneath Clock Town. Here, it is possible that the Skull Kid found him, cursed him, and left him as a sad-looking tree underneath Clock Town. This theory is furthered when the Deku Butler is seen weeping before the tree during the end credits.


Theory warning: This section contains theoretical information based on the research of one or several other users. It has not been officially verified by Nintendo and its factual accuracy is disputed.

It is possible that the Deku Shrine functions as a home for "common" Deku, given the many Mad Scrubs inside, and the fact that no other notable Deku population center is seen, aside from the Deku Palace itself, which is off limits to all those other than royalty and royal servants. However, the Deku Shrine does not appear to be designed as a dwelling, and Deku may not need anything other than a Deku Flower to live in to begin with. Also, rather than residents, the Mad Scrubs in the shrine may be guards as they are in other areas, and are peaceful because Link is welcome in the shrine.

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