"Cool! You're great! You scored three perfect bull's-eyes! I have to give a neat present to such a wonderful person! Please take it!"
Deku Scrub

The Deku Seeds Bullet Bag is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is used to hold Link's Deku Seeds, ammunition for the Fairy Slingshot. Link receives the Bullet Bag together with the Fairy Slingshot Inside the Deku Tree, the first dungeon.

Though the original Bullet Bag can only hold 30 Deku Seeds, it can be upgraded. One upgrade can be obtained in the Lost Woods. If Link turns right in the first grove, a target can be spotted hanging from a tree. Three perfect bulls-eyes in a row cause a Deku Scrub to appear and give Link a bigger Bullet Bag.

A second upgrade can be obtained in Hyrule Castle Town Shooting Gallery; if Link manages to hit all the large, Rupee-like targets, he is rewarded with the upgrade. Each upgrade allows Link to carry 10 more Deku Seeds, allowing for an overall maximum of 50.

When Link becomes an adult, he cannot use the Fairy Slingshot anymore, and the Bullet Bag's slot on the Equipment screen is replaced by a Quiver when Link receives the Fairy Bow. However Link will switch back to using it whenever he travels back in time to the past by placing the Master Sword back into the Pedestal of Time.

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